Tuesday, November 30, 2004

November Goals:Quilting:
1) Finish Quilt block 3 DONE
2) Start and finish quilt block 4 DONE
3) Start and finish quilt block 6 DONE
4) Start quilt block 5 MET GOAL
5) Appliquet basket quilt (at retreat) DONE
6) Put border on basket quilt DONE
7) Start piecing herb blocks for fall quilt MET GOAL

1) Start and Finish April SB for RR NOPE - not due now till Jan. 1st
2) Start Winnie the Pooh for friend's baby MET GOAL
3) Stitcher's Hideaway piece MET GOAL - worked during retreat
4) Bunny Gingham 2 hours (one stitch night) 1 hour (no stitch night)
5) DD SAL sunday work on NOPE

Non Stitching:
1) pick out a car i want (online) DONE
2) visit dealership about car DONE - got car!!!
3) FINISH WEBSITE DONE- site is live at least
4) start next website for other job Haven't heard back

Not bad at all - I did very well this month - stitching goals, not so great, but great on quilting and non-stitching goals :)

I have a new car!!!
Only problem is I forgot to put my e-zpass in it, and I didn't know I forgot until I went through :) But I paid the whole amount and I'll save the receipt in case I get something in the mail.

Last night was awesome - after getting my car I cooked dinner then settled in to watch a movie and cross stitch! It really was great, I worked more on the Pooh design and got the stem of the flower done and the flower started. No actual Pooh stitching done yet - but will do soon. I also basted all the leaf petals for block 5 of my quilt so they are ready to applique when I have time.

Without further ado - pictures!

Progress of block 5 - click for larger image. The flowers are pieced together then the whole thing is appliquetted (?sp) on.

Click for larger image. This is a row complete with the lattice fabric. When I get more done I'll take pics of the back fabrics as well... I'm not sure when I can work on this again since I have no machine with a walking foot but hopefully a weekend home soon.

The other row I put together. So the last row will be block 5 and 6 which aren't finished yet.

Well - i'm going to go over my month goals quick, i can always edit them if i get something more finished tonight.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Ah - a great long weekend - and it really was!

Wednesday night was not fun - we went to the dealership and I test drove the Audi - and put a deposit down because it's perfect for me. Then we started the LONG drive home in traffic. Finally HOURS later we got home, my boyfriend went to his parent's for dinner and then out with friends. I visited my parents and then cross stitched on Bunny Gingham a bit before going to bed.

Thursday we relaxed, ate food (lots of food :) and then at night we played Battlefield Vietnam of course :) Friday we hung out with family, played with the cousins most of the day, I taught my 5 and 3 yr old cousins how to "sew" a little quilt together, really it was four pieces of fabric each, sewn together into a small 5x5 square that they called a quilt. It was fun though. Then we went to my boyfriend's parent's house for dinner, then back to my parent's where I worked on my quilt while most everyone watched a movie.

So the Quilt as you go quilt is starting to go together, i can't work on it again until I visit home again because I need a machine with a walking foot and I don't have one :) But I have two rows put together so I see how the process works now. I will update with pictures real soon I promise.

We headed back home saturday morning and stopped by walmart to pick out a fake christmas tree. Then I cleaned the apartment top to bottom, then I decorated for christmas and we put up the tree (which is a process in itself!). I miss having a real tree but the mess it makes and the watering of the tree isn't practical right now. Then I worked on the website for the rest of the night.

Sunday - I went and paid for my car, worked on the website, cooked dinner (pork tenderloin) and quilted! I go the flowers appliquetted onto block 5 - the only thing left is the leaves, then it can be quilted. Then I started the Winnie the Pooh piece for my coworker having a baby in February. I only worked on that for a half hour because I had to work on the website more but now it's started at least.

So -- coming are pictures: - bunny gingham updated, - quilt blocks put together, - block 5 progress, - block 5 finished whenever i do finish it.

Today at some point soon I need to go to the insurance company and pay for my new car. Then tonight - i get home around 6, hopefully soon after we can go get my new car! Then I will probably take the night off from the website and just work on my quilt and cross stitch. The website I can do tomorrow after I go to the gym. (No gym tonight because i'm getting the car and cooking dinner).

So now it's time to work and figure out when the insurance company is open around lunch!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

6 more days of November to go and my ToDo list isn't complete... quilting wise i think i'll make it, but cross stitch wise I've done almost nothing except the retreat piece from Mystic!

So after getting back on Sunday while working on the website, depending on how far along my quilt blocks are I want to start the winnie the pooh piece. And maybe fit in my 2 hours on bunny gingham, poor neglected bunny gingham.

My RR isn't starting Dec. 1st so that one doesn't need to be done - it actually starts january 1st most likely - so that will be moved to a december goal.

So car update ***

There is an Audi possibility in my price ranged - used obviously, but i'm going to go test drive it tonight and see if there's anything wrong with it. I won't make a decision probably until next Sunday when i'm back, but who knows - something to look at for sure, of course buying used is always riskier but I need to get what i can afford and subaru is throwing me for a loop trying to get a color i like (and i like 3 of the colors, not just 1).

So wish me luck with that - now just one work day to get through and i'm going home for thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

Hand-dyed fabrics - love 'em or hate 'em? If you love them, what kind/colours do you have?

I love em! I am in the Silkweavers fabric of the month club and get one large 28 or 32ct piece a month and so far have not been disappointed! I may switch it up in a few months to get small pieces but this is great. The large pieces i've gotten i even have planned out mostly for projects.

Now due to how busy i am and lack of stitching i haven't actually used much but what i have used i've loved and I've used my own hand dyed fabric too!

-- Update on today - a bit of stitching at lunch - i took out my It's Winter by Sue Hillis WIP and did a row of blue, all that's left is the top banner and it's going to take a long time but maybe by april i can have this finished ;)

Alright back to having no car - I got my deposit back too. I have another dealership to call and see if they can get me the same car with no extra fees... ho hum! This is a long annoying process.

BUT _ it's almost thanksgiving!!! Only 2 days of work to get through and then a nice long 4 day weekend with great food.

Last night was boring - i worked pretty late, then cooked dinner and worked on the website until bedtime. I'm guessing today will be about the same but today i hope to at least get a lot of work done, yesterday was full of distractions.

I'm really looking forward to thanksgiving - thursday we'll spend the day cooking and quilting, and then dinner, then thursday night late we're going to play computer games (battlefield vietnam)... then friday hopefully more quilting and playing with the kids, then saturday quilt more? and head home to clean so sunday can be spent working on the website and quilting. I haven't stressed about the amount of quilting because i knew this weekend was coming and i will have more time than usual.

So my goal for this 4 day weekend:

- Finish quilting block 6 (just have to do something in the 4 corners i believe)
- Finish piecing the flower to appliquet
- Start adding sashing to a few blocks
- Wash and cut fabric for block 5
- Appliquet flower onto fabric (block 5)
I won't set more goals than that - who knows how long the sashing part is going to take but i will have the machine and i can leave the back of the sashing open until the next week.

So that would leave me a full week (including a weekend) to quilt block 5 and finish as much sashing as possible before the next class where I hopefully will then learn how to do the border and outside sashing. Then i will have to visit home before the last class to finish that part and put on a binding = or save that until after the class ends. Either way i really want to FINISH this quilt this year! And with cross stitch so on hold maybe i can.

Speaking of cross stitch - i must start the winnie the pooh soon - it's my only time challenge piece and i'm not sure if january alone is enough time... oh yea and my RR to be mailed Jan 1st - i wonder if that's still on??

Monday, November 22, 2004

Well I kinda bought a car :) I didn't get the demo car - the sales person and the sales manager were extremely rude and we ended up leaving with an offer for 16,000 on the table but the rudeness was too much.

So Saturday after I worked on the website and the site went live, we drove up to Danvers to another dealer. A much nicer saleman, he didn't have a car on the lot but could get me one and gave me a price. At the same time my uncle went to a dealer near him and got the exact same price, also no car on the lot. Then we went up to my uncle's for the night.

So saturday night we played with the kids then played some Battlefield Vietnam until midnight - awesome game! Then Sunday got up early and headed home. On the way we did some much needed grocery shopping and then I cleaned up a bit before my bf's study group came over. While they were there I quilted mostly, and cleaned some more - no vacuuming got done but the bathroom/kitchen got cleaned and the livingroom picked up. Dusting and vacuuming still needs to happen at some point, maybe we'll come home kinda early next saturday and i'll do it then.

So then last night i dealt with the dealer some more and got the price down to 16800 for a new one, in the color i want (it's grey), and i put down a deposit. They are now going to get the car, and Tuesday night i'll go up and sign the paperwork. It is possible the car my be ready by wednesday night but i'm not counting on it and i think i will wait until next sunday to go get it when i can look it over in daylight before taking it.

So i do have a car - unfortunately they won't take my car as a trade in due to the high miles (150,000). So i'm either going to donate it or sell it real cheap (like 500 or something). Trade in value is around 800 but obviously they won't take it :) And it runs great - so i don't feel bad about selling it, however a tax break would be helpful and might be more worth it.

The website - it's live - and working, i spent a bunch of time last night working on some small things and things are running well, orders coming in etc. There's a list of things that i need to do tonight and the list of things that need to get done eventually still. I'm just glad it's still running :)

That's my update from the long weekend - that felt short :)

Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm gonna buy a car!!!! :)

Maybe even tonight - we'll see. I'm so excited - last night I test drove the 2005 Impreza, it was a demo car and had 4000 miles on it - and I might even buy that exact one if i can get a real deal on it. If i go for an automatic i'm going to spend a bit more (at least 800 more) but i should consider it because standards are horrible to have in traffic jams which i hit every friday during the summer.

So i'm ready to haggle and i'm excited to do it. My uncle gave me a list of things to make sure i have done before picking up the car, so i won't exactly be driving home my new car when i buy it but hopefully before next week. It's kind of like a game to me - i'm in it because it's fun to haggle and win the game :)

Other news::: the website is going live this weekend - hopefully without incident! Then maybe i can get paid and start my christmas shopping and finish my shopping early! Unfortunately i'm not getting paid in time to use it for a downpayment on a car but i have some money to make a payment and if it almost wipes me out it's not a big deal because i won't have other bills due until after i get a check. I didn't want to ask to get paid until after we went live alright so i really need it to work out this weekend :)

So this weekend looks busy :
Tonight - maybe buying a car :) Then home to either relax or work on the website
Tomorrow - work on the website - go live and update the website - keeping open a possible trip to the dealership if needed
- Clean the apartment big time! Not going to do this until after the website is set up, then i will clean while the transition happens and check on things.
Tomorrow night - maybe quilt??
Sunday - work on website if needed - quilt - stitch - organize, the things I love - enjoy my weekend home :)

My goal is to pick up new car monday or tuesday night - not before, that way i can try to get them to do any detailing and stuff needed. OOooohhh so exciting :)
Well - back to work...

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Thursday - Bowling!

Work ends at 3 today and we're all heading over to go bowling and eat pizza until 5. Should be fun - this is not real bowling, this is candlepin? bowling - not my normal thing - and i have no idea what it really is but we'll see, should be fun.

Last night was relaxing - after a day of eating - dealing with a bit of a stomach ache and giving up eating, i had a nice meal at my aunt's and then worked on my quilt. I got my templates cut out of freezer paper and my fabric washed then i worked on quilting my Churndash. This is coming along nicely. Then I went to bed.

Tonight after bowling I'm going to the Subaru dealership to look at cars- Impreza to be exact. I'm actually looking to get a new car because the price doesn't drop that much when driven off the lot on this type of car. Basically it's cheaper for me to get a new one than a used one.

After that - I will go home and work on the website - i MUST! This weekend we have to go live and that's that! So Thur, Fri and Sat are devoted to website work. Saturday will also be time to clean the apartment big time, and thur and fri i will go to the dealership after work hopefully to be buying a car. Speaking of which I can NOT forget to call my bank today or head over in person at lunch.

It sure feels like friday - which is wierd because it's technically only my third day here this week. Next week I will only be here three days.. this month is surely spoiling, how on earth will i get by in December working whole weeks until Christmas!!!
Alright - i'm off to call the bank and email my sister :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Quilt class...

Well I made it through the work day yesterday - some oatmeal at lunch gave me a bit more energy and I only got a stomach ache at the end of the day. Then I went to my class and learned how to do the applique block (my last block) - and we have 3 weeks before our next class. In that time I want to finish all 6 blocks and square them up. To piece them with lattice our teacher advises to use a sewing machine with a walking foot (of course i don't have one but my mom does) -- so maybe over thanksgiving i can get started on this process and then maybe over christmas or before go home for a weekend and finish the lattice so i can learn how to put on the outside lattice and border.

The teacher also squared up 2 of my blocks and let me borrow her 12x12 inch ruler to square the rest when i finish.
Tonight I must:
-wash new fabrics (2 lattice fabrics and striped fabric for border!)
-cut templates for last block
-cut freezer paper for last block (21 hexagons and 6 leaves)

Then I may start quilting my Churndash and leave the applique to this weekend. I'd like to get the other 5 finished and squared so that the last block if it's finished just in time for class can be squared there when returning the ruler. I also want to start the lattice piecing over thanksgiving next week - since i'll have a machine available to do it - and that way i can bring that in and make sure i'm doing it right.

Well - tomorrow night i'm going to a car dealership to maybe test drive the car i like - if i like any :) I'm looking at 2003/2004 Subaru Impreza models. Not real interested in the WRX just the regular Impreza. So tomorrow I go look - see if i like the dealership etc. Then I can go back on saturday to negotiate a price if i like anything. If not i'll go somewhere else on saturday. I'm pretty sure i want a subaru but if i don't like dealing with them i'll leave and pick something else for sure. Plus there are dealerships real close to me that i could always go to, i'm just not going there first because of the inflated prices being close to the city.

So hopefully i will have a car in early december! I also need to go to my bank and find out my interest rate for my loan and deposit some more money.
So that's my update - now the headache is coming back !! Time for tylenol my new friend :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I'm back - not as chipper as I was when i left but managing!

Well the Retreat was AWESOME! I got a lot done - not as much as I wanted because the drunkard's path block took me 12 hours JUST TO PIECE! Not including quilting which didn't take that long! So about 24 hours of quilting time later I will go over my checklist and see how I did :)

But to note - now i'm sick! Sunday night I came home and was sick - stomach bug type thing - all night, all day monday (took the day off of work), and today i'm dehydrated but not so sick so i came to work. I have my quilt class tonight that i'm hoping i can save energy for so i'm trying to eat a bit here and there but the thought of food does bad things to my tummy! So - POUT! I hate being sick. But back to the good stuff:

Checklist for quilt retreat remembered
- Finish the what will be already started block 4 [4 small spots left to quilt but almost there :)]
- Start block 6 which i need to pick out and "design" (dimension wise) [PIECED!!]
- Appliquet basket quilt [DONE]
- Put border on basket quilt [DONE]
- start quilting basket quilt [NOPE]
- start quilting scenic quilt (wip) [NOPE]
- cut and piece blocks for herb fall quilt [STARTED]
- cut and sew border on embroidery castle [NOPE]

So like i said, not as much as i was hoping but that's block 4's fault big time. So now I have some piccies :)

Block 4 almost finished (will update pic when fully finished and basting taken out):

Click for larger image.

Block 6 pieced:

Click for larger image.

Basket Quilt Top finished:

Click for larger image.

Maple Leaf Block for Retreat quilt that was raffled off:

Click for larger image.

Herb Block - started putting mitered border on - hand pieced.

Click for larger image.

So that's it - that's my progress. I did bring my block 4 to work so at lunch (which is soon) i can finish the quilting in the corners for class tonight. I will also baste block 6 so it's ready to quilt.

Uck - my tummy is churning - must go pout and maybe i be going home early today...

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Hour and half left of work -- and 19 hours to go till I leave!!!

Sorry i couldnt' resist - i'm bored... reading documents is not fun and i can't get my mind off the retreat. Of course I'm also going to joanns in less than 2 hours so i have that to look forward to now that i know there's a SALE today!!

Yikes - what can i do right now????????

Oh yea - new idea -
next week i'm going to bring my cross stitch to work and stitch for an hour at lunch time! That means i will work till 5 every day but that's not too bad - with a break to stitch, and i may make some progress - except after Tuesday it will be quilting progress but STILL!! Hehehehehe that's something more to look forward to! Alright my jumpy excitement is showing in '!' marks. I best go find something to do!

1 more day!! One Day More... (hehe - from musical Les Mis)

Anyway ! Last night was very relaxing, we went out to dinner at Picadilly Pub because my cousin had a birthday party. Then I just worked on my quilt a bit... got 3 more curved seams done and another straight seam. Let's see that makes:
- 11 curved seams
- 22 straight (3") seams
Left to do (2 straight finished and 5 curved finished)
Let me just add that I HATE curved seams and will never do another Drunkard's Path again. This is brutal! Luckily after this weekend it should be done, maybe block 6 done too and that leaves one last block which is appliquet and i like appliquet :) Then begins the putting together of the quilt.

So today - a new task has been added to the normally boring schedule. I need to go to Joanns and buy thread (sewing and quilting thread). Plus a silent auction item for the retreat. So after work i'll go to Joanns then a CVS if i can, then home, prepare dinner, go to the gym, come home cook dinner then work on the website. I'll leave packing to the morning - maybe CVS to the morning as well since it's down the road.

Oh yea and OC is on tonight - can't miss it :) I missed the first 20 min last week! I had it taping but the vcr got knocked and turned off the timer so it didn't tape at all. And that was the night i got home real late from work. So - since i don't have it ready to tape i'll have to get back from the gym before 8 :)
Alright i must go review a document - that's what my day is full of but i'm leaving at 3:30!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Yesterday was boring! And unfortunately today may be the same.

Plus it's getting harder to get up early in the mornings, partly because the heat was kicking on at 5 and waking me up so by 6 i wanted to sleep more.

I followed my plan yesterday and that makes day 2 at the gym. No gym today since i'll be at my aunt's but tomorrow i'll go again. Tonight is quilt night - work on piecing my block together some more! I really do not like the curved seams and won't be making a quilt out of blocks like this again!

Yea yea yea - 2 work days left to go and then retreat time again! Even better is that next week is my only full week of work this month due to thanksgiving the week after! Yippeee!
Alright - I need some hot chocolate!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


I got to work - and there's a bit of snow on the ground here... or is it really really heavy frost?? I come from upstate NY so i know what frost generally looks like so i'm thinking this is snow - none out by me but here at work - yes a tad bit of snow - say it ain't so! hehe

Anyway - well i'm in a routine that i hope i can follow again today. Home from work - prepare dinner (actually put it in oven and bf got home from gym and watched it while i went to gym). Then grocery shopping real quick after gym, then dinner, then clean up then work on website, then read - fell asleep reading, woke up - went to bed :)

So subtract the grocery store and i think today will be the same.

work yesterday wasn't bad. WE went out to lunch as an office - then had a meeting in the afternoon so pretty much the day went okay. Today i won't be so lucky i'm afraid but maybe i'll stitch at lunch time or something. If i take an hour break i can still leave at 4:30 so that's my schedule--- get to the gym by 6 - home by 7 and website by 8 (8-10) then read till i sleep. Okay enough boring stuff - off to read the message board.

Monday, November 08, 2004

I'm BACK!!! And I do have a picture :)

Stupid me - forgot to bring my camera!!! I can't believe it! BUT i had a blast and I really mean it. Jeanette Douglas taught the class and she was a blast, a great teacher, very relaxed and so much fun. We worked on the sampler in class for about 11 hours over 2 days, plus i worked on breaks and in the evening. So my progress pic is about 16 hours of work (rough estimate):

Click image for larger version.

Thursday night i worked until 8pm! I missed my stitch night :( but had work obligations and got them done. Then home to pack and relax, but before i got home someone from work called with another problem! Took care of it and then relaxed. Friday I drove down to the retreat met up with my roommate who I got along with wonderfully and had a great time with. I'm looking forward to doing the Sturbridge retreat with her in July of next year! Then we had class, then lunch, then class, then fun time. We got TONS of free stuff, patterns, kits, floss, lots of neat stuff. Plus I bought some stuff at the shop that set up.
Saturday it was more of the same, class, lunch, class, dinner, show and tell then relax stitching. Sunday my roommate and i went out to breakfast before leaving.

Then I went to my sister's and gave her her birthday presents, then showed her all my stitching stuff and stayed till after dinner. Then home to see BF and show more stitching stuff. Then i just layed in bed for 3 hours doing nothing, not sleeping or anything, just unraveling i guess you could say. Then I read before bed, came to work and the day begins ;)

So this week is packed - i haven't heard from my uncle about babysitting this week so i know for sure that wednesday i'm visiting my other uncle, mon and tue and thur i'm working on the website, then friday it's off to the quilting retreat and i won't be home until late sunday unlike this past weekend. But i will hopefully get a ton done on my quilts including the block for my class that i've put off. I did however do 2 curved seams and then one straight to put them together.

Well i'm losing steam - told my weekend story a lot and still have to email my mom about it. I should wait till after lunch for that i think. I really am still excited but i'm also tired and worn out from a long weekend of concentrating. I will remember my camera this coming weekend for sure!

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Well not really - but it kinda is for me -- since I have tomorrow off to go to Stitcher's Hideaway!!!!

Seriously today is a GREAT day. I've been at work 2 hours, gotten my document FINISHED, waiting to merge it and discuss it. Then I have some database stuff to do mostly today and then I leave at 5 - and go to my stitch night! I need to fit in a trip to Best Buy if i can.

Yipee! I can't contain my excitement. Tonight will be great, stitching for a few hours, buying some new specialty threads I need, then going home to pack pack pack! I won't be blogging until Monday probably - but i will have a nice long blog then :)

Last night was nice and relaxing - i didn't get out of work until REAL late - the latest for me 6 i think (which is 11 hours of straight working with no breaks). Then helped my aunt finish up dinner, ate, and then I quilted a bit - just doing some extra quilting on block 3 that my instructor suggested. I didn't start block 4 yet - maybe tonight i'll cut a few pieces so i have them with me this weekend in case I get free time :)

By 9:30 i was wiped and went to bed. Hopefully that won't happen tonight :) - alright back to work - must contain this bubbling excitement for a few more hours - 7 to be exact!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Alright - a not so good picture, i went out to my car and took a pic of my block 3 the Lemoyne Star:

Oh boy - hours still to go in the day - A horrible day in my mind - i need more candy...

Well things are not looking good from my vantage point. I can't believe 11 states (or something like that) voted to ban gay marriage. I really can't even say more than that - I'm just aghast - this is the 21st century... I will stop, i'm just getting mad!


So quilt class last night - due to the Democratic whatever last night the traffic was HORRIBLE and i was a half hour late. I didn't miss much though and we learned how to do the curved seams that we need for the Drunkard's Path - block 4, which is 16 curved seams, then 14 straight seams to finish. It's going to be a time consuming one and i have no time right now - luckily next weekend will be the quilting retreat and that will hopefully be plenty of time to finish it! Plus i can start it tonight at my aunt's!

When i got home i watched Coyote Ugly on USA, flipping to the results during commercials. Then i watched Gilmore Girls which i had taped - oh boy - that show is going for the glory this season! Then i went to bed - at midnight - this is the latest i've stayed up on a work night in a long time. I still managed to get up at 6 though while BF checked the "results", i showered, the results are not in - but neither of us are optimistic and things look bad.

UGGG - okay - keeping mind on other things - tomorrow will be tough to get through at work because after work i need to stop at best buy and get my sister's birthday gift, then go home, eat something quick, then go to stitch night and work on Bunny Gingham. Then pack for the retreat and leave in the morning!!! Man i can't wait! Oh yea i wanted to bake something too - that's okay i can stay up late tomorrow night since i can sleep in until 7:30. Which reminds me i still need to print directions for the weekend.

Well i best start getting work done - i've been having fun playing with the database but i need to get back to the document now!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I don't know how!

Somehow I managed to finish quilt block 3 last night! The spirals only took me an hour and a half. YEA!!! I was going to bring my laptop to work and take a pic and post it today - and also get work done on the laptop - but no i forgot it! It's packed up and sitting by the door even!

The website however is giving me all sorts of problems. All of a sudden it's not working at all - not showing up, the files are there, there's no errors, but it's blank. I have tried numerous things to fix it and i'm at a loss. Today along with the many things i have to do i will start searching the net for help with this problem.

Today is so packed - i haven't been to the gym in a week and i'm feeling it but i won't have time to go until thursday. Today after work i have to get gas, go vote, try to eat something real quick for dinner, then go to my quilt class. Possibly after that stop and pick up some milk because DBF left the fridge door open a smudge and everything was warm this morning - i'm not mad though because i did the same thing soon after i moved in when i was living by myself, the fridge doesn't close easily. So the milk/eggs/turkey are definately bad. The leftovers i put in last night are probably fine because they were probably warm to begin with. water, pudding snacks, potatoes probably fine. Lettuce and tomatoe i might as well get rid of - since there's not turkey he doesn't need that anyway so when i buy one i'll buy all three again. condiments are probably mostly fine.

The real loss would have been the freezer (which i have also done before) but luckily not repeated. That's a lot to lose. Well i'm off to get some work done.

Monday, November 01, 2004

There isn't enough awareness out there for Independent Candidates:

I support Harry Braun for President 2004!

November Goals:

1) Finish Quilt block 3
2) Start and finish quilt block 4
3) Start and finish quilt block 6
4) Start quilt block 5
5) Appliquet basket quilt (at retreat)
6) Put border on basket quilt
7) Start piecing herb blocks for fall quilt

1) Start and Finish April SB for RR
2) Start Winnie the Pooh for friend's baby
3) Stitcher's Hideaway piece
4) Bunny Gingham 2 hours (one stitch night)
5) DD SAL sunday work on Wisdom

That's it for my to do list which is huge due to the quilting retreat. Unfortunately due to the website in order to make these goals i need to really stay on task and get things done.

Non Stitching:
1) pick out a car i want (online)
2) visit dealership about car
4) start next website for other job