Thursday, January 31, 2008

January Goal Wrapup - well there were no specific goals for january, just the 2008 goals so I'll go through those that were planned to be done in January:

1) Knit scarves for mom (2) (JANUARY) [DONE] - also knitted two matching hats!

1) Sew bath robe for dad's birthday [DONE]

On stitching news I've been working on the needlecase from Celebrations 2007 and plan to take a picture and post it tomorrow.

In other news - we were very successful last weekend and found all the fabric needed for my wedding quilt which my mom and grandmother will make in February, then send out to be quilted! It will be 95x95 and it's in tans/browns/greens. I can't wait to see it finished!

On the sewing for the wedding front - I've bought what is hopefully all the necessary fabric and notions for the flower girl dresses (all 5). I went with some lovely bright colors for 3 of them and white with colored linings for the older 2. I'll try to remember to take pictures of the fabric tomorrow too!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I stitched!

Gosh it's been so long (about 2 months or so!).

I worked on the needlecase from Celebrations 2007. My friend i took the class with has finished all the stitching and is ready to assemble so I figured I should get a move on. I had finished the smaller pocket stitching and the pin cushion and as of last night I'm close to finishing the larger pocket. Then I'll have the outside of the whole thing left which will take a while but not too long. I'm surprised how quickly this moves along and oh how i love silks!

I'll try to remember a picture for tomorrow.

The neighborhood RR is up next in my stitching rotation, i realized I had mailed out at the Dec. 1st deadline so I'm not due to mail until April 1st. I want to mail early so I'll get started on that as soon as I'm either done or bored with this needle case.

And this weekend we drive back to NY for my parents' birthday celebrations - probably do some knitting in the car and lots of fabric shopping saturday! I can't wait :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And finally some sewing pics - sorry they are so dark/blurry.

So this weekend I came down with a horrible cold - it started late friday night and I was exhausted. Saturday i had a stitch in with a friend but I didn't have much energy for stitching so we just spent the time catching up mostly.

Sunday I was still tired and sick but I had to get my dad's birthday present done so I started slowly working on the Robe for my dad. My fiance brought DVDs into my sewing room and we watched Monk (he laid on the floor). I didn't manage to finish the robe until last night but here it is with me modeling it in my large mirror.
The fabric is labradors, it's a nice warm flannel. It's huge on me because it's an XL. I probably could have done just a Large but I figured big was okay since it's a robe :)
Here's the back and a little closer view of the puppies.

And here's the finished scarf to go with the hat for my mom. So all handmade birthday gifts are done! I just have to pick up an anniversary gift for my parents and i'll be done with gift giving until next month :)

Well back to work!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More knitting.

I did manage to finish the scarf for Mom on Monday and started the one for myself in bright green. I'll probably start the matching hat for myself to break up the simpleness of the scarf as I did with the ones for mom but I LOVE this yarn and can't wait to wear this hat/scarf pair. Plus gifts for mom's birthday are now done.

Next up on the list is making a robe for dad. I plan on going to Joanns on Sunday to buy fabric and get a good start on it, then i have just evenings next week to finish it. I think the hard part will really be picking the fabric.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Finally some pictures! I know I've been a total slacker about there.

First up is the rabbit that I knitted and gave to our niece for xmas. This was really a practice piece for a lamb I'm doing next:

His head was a little wobbly so I knitted a scarf for him as well.

Here is the soft and warm hat and scarf I've finished up for my mom's birthday.

And here's the warm wool hat tha tI'm currently knitting a matching scarf for. I've done a picture on my head as well so you can see it a little better.
Here it is alone.
I did not get pictures of all the scarves I did for xmas (I gave 3 away). I can't wait to do a hat and scarf for myself, I'll probably finish the one for mom tonight and start on my own set. These go really fast it takes about 4 hours to do a scarf and 4 hours to do a hat. So with 2 evenings I can finish either one! It's great.

Back to work!

Snow Day!

Well not in the day off sense that it used to mean, but I'm working from home today as I didn't want to brave the nasty roads. It works out since I usually work from home on fridays but this friday I need to go into the office, still saving gas on one day this week.

Since I'm home I will try to remember to take pictures later and post them. I have finished up the fuzzy soft hat and scarf for my mom's birthday as well as the wool hat for her. I'm close to finishing the second scarf and then it's on to knitting for myself I guess :)

I need to go to joann's soon too - fabric is needed. I want to make a robe for my dad's birthday and I need to find fabric for the flower girls' dresses for the wedding.. 12 yds of it for 5 dresses! Crazy!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A regular week. That's what this week is. Monday I got a migraine when I got home so I mostly skipped dinner and was asleep by 8pm.

Tuesday however was great, I got home, I started laundry and I packed up all the christmas decorations. They are completely packed away, back in the basement. Next up is going through and giving the apartment a good cleaning, won't happen until probably friday and next week but at least I'm ready now.

Tonight I go to my uncle's so I brought my yarn and pattern to start the hat for my mom. The scarf is more than half done and I need to see how much yarn I need for the hat before I finish the scarf with the leftover yarn.

Well yoga time! 2 days at the gym this week and on the diet, doing good!

Monday, January 07, 2008

My Weekend...

The main reason I haven't been posting lately is that I keep forgetting to get the pictures off my camera and I hate to post without any pictures, especially when i have some to show. But I've decided 2 things:
1) Post even if I have no pictures
2) Try to get in habbit of getting pictures off camera each night.

So in the spirit of 1) above. This weekend was great - so relaxing.

Friday night I read until 1am finishing Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Piccoult. It was a great book.
Saturday my fiance and I played Civ IV in bed until 3pm! Then I got a migraine, took medicine and we went out shopping. I got a new leather coat (my first one) and we had dinner. Then I was sick for the rest of the night (migraine) but we did manage to watch Transformers again on our new TV!

Sunday I read, then we went and visited family and then out to dinner again before watching Batman Begins - I love that movie. It was a great day altogether!

Now it's back to work (full week) and the diet (doing Body For Life again).

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Sorry I was so non-existent in December. I guess it's the nature of the month, busy with holiday stuff.

I'm back and hopefully back to being better at blogging for the new year. I've filled out my goals (wrapup and new ones). It's going to be a busy year (2008) with a class this spring and then the wedding but hopefully there will be time for some crafts.

I promise to have some pictures shortly, I completely forgot to take pictures of the scarves I knitted but I have some of the rabbit at least.

But for now it's new years day and I'm starting the new year by cleaning up and getting organized again from the holiday rush. I want to start work tomorrow feeling like I do not have things waiting for me at home. The Christmas decorations get to stay up for a few more days however :)

2008 Goals!

Going to be an interesting year, for the spring I'll be taking a class, then I'll have wedding preparations and the wedding/honeymoon, then right into the holiday season of gift giving so i'll keep this simple and realistic hopefully.

1) Celtic Banner - work on page 3
2) Add beads/finish Shepherd's Purse
3) Finish Celebrations piece (from 2007)
4) Hardanger piece for Ring Bearer pillow

1) Finish embroidery on Leanne's Quilt
2) Piece Leanne's Quilt
3) Quilt/bind table runner

1) Knit scarves for mom (2) (JANUARY)
2) Knit lamb for coworker

1) Sew bath robe for dad's birthday
2) Make ring bearer pillow
3) Make 5 flower girl dresses for wedding
4) Make 5 Necklaces/Earrings for bride's maids
5) Make veil, with beading
6) Decorate gifts for wedding

2007 (oops) Goal Wrapup:

1) Finish Peaceful Silhouette for Fiance's graduation (I really need to focus on this!) [YUP]
2) Stitch eagle piece for fiance [it was started but not by me]
3) Work on Celtic Banner - finish at least halfway [YUP]
4) Start/Finish Barnabee's Quest as SAL with Carol and friends [YUP - except for beads]
5) Stitch piece for fiance's step mother for xmas 2007 [nope]

6) Finish Leanne's Quilt (piecing and embroidery) [nope]

December Goals Wrapup
1) Finish knitted bunny [YUP]
2) Add beads to Shepherd's Purse [nope]
3) Work on block 8 embroidery[nope]
4) Start new cross stitch[nope]
I did however knit 3 scarves as gifts instead of stitching for the month.