Saturday, February 21, 2004

Texture Synthesis...

I have now spent 6 hours on synthesizing this stupid piece of texture that looks like a basket or something. At first way back when the algorithm wasn't perfected it was doing really great, now that i have the algorithm correct as I believe it to be (works for the edges now as well as the center) it doesn't work AT ALL. Then to really make me mad, ctrl-c isn't working to cancel the program while it's going so it just drones on and I have to wait for it to finish and retest it with new numbers.

Anyway, so that's my computer vision homework that's been a task since yesterday, after this texture synthesis I have one last programming question to do which should be somewhat simple since it's matrices and i'm used to those. Then I have to work on this website I'm doing for someone which is coming along well so far and I get paid really well for it.. this would ideally all be done tonight so that tomorrow my boyfriend can use the computer and guess what - I can cross stitch finallY! and quilt! I would absolutely love to get some relaxing done...

Friday I worked 9 1/2 hours which is good for the money but it was a long day, then I come home and my boyfriend wants to play civ 3 some more - so we did for a little while but then I started this assignment before falling asleep. I had already gotten the written part done and the first problem started earlier in the week. I haven't even looked at what kind of work I have in the rest of my classes due this week, I know i have a math test coming up soon and financial accounting just some quizzes I have to read and do the homework for.

So we're going out to visit my aunt and uncle next weekend - my cousin is healthy and adorable (got some pictures already). She came home on friday and this weekend is a big weekend with her two "big" sisters getting to know her and getting used to the new routine of a baby in the house. My uncle is getting his eye surgery this week so he won't need glasses, he figured since he's taking time off to be home for the baby might as well fit this in too, but he will probably be out of commission for a day or so i assume, don't know much about the surgery.

As for my health, not much better but I did go out to dinner tonight and eat a bit more than usual, though nothing all day except a mini bagel or two and some chocolate. Gotta kick whatever this thing is.
Well - gotta get the rest of my surfing done while my program is running so when it finishes i can see how wrong it is still and stare at it wondering why me!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

I got the call this morning...

My aunt and uncle just had their third baby - a girl! (that's three girls). She was born at ~6am and she's doing really well, healthy and big! (that's what happens when you're 4 days late).

I can't wait to go visit them and see the new one, originally it would be this weekend but I think it's best to give the family their first weekend alone - let the other two get used to the new baby a bit and maybe next weekend we'll go out.

Still not stitching - now it's mostly because I'm not feeling well lately, gotta figure out what's wrong with me but I haven't been able to eat in 5 days now, I eat tid bits and it's leaving me exhausted. I have an appointment in 2 weeks at the doctor so if i'm not better by then I can talk to her about it, otherwise it's just an appointment to discuss new medication for allergies... another thing - I've been on zertec for years now and whenever I don't take it i have problems but it doesn't seem to help my allergies when I do take it so I'm trying not to take it (been about a week now) and suffering with itchiness but I take benadryl when I can't take it anymore.. I'm worried something's wrong with me and I need zertec or I'm just experiencing some withdrawal from it and I need to get away from my dependency. I really just want an allergy med I can take only when I need it instead of daily.

Well no need to blabber on about that... got school today then tonight I have to work on homework since I work all day friday!

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Not doing too bad...

Considering I have no real cross stitching news lately... I did work a bit on It's Winter Friday night but then my sister came over and we just talked until about 2 am when our boyfriends showed up, so she left with hers and mine stayed. Yesterday was valentine's day - my boyfriend and I played Civ 3 all day long then went to dinner, then I started feeling sick and went to bed early (11). There is some really great news from last night however - my boyfriend got his first acceptance letter to law school!! It's Pace law school in White Plains, it's a third tier and definately a decent school. So now he's definately going to law school - if not Pace then a better one next year :)

Today I managed to play civ 3 for 4 hours in the morning (since 8 am) then clean the whole house - 2 1/2 hours, shower and relax - now my boyfriend is coming over for another 2 hours of civ before going out for the night, then I'll get my homework and work done hopefully so tomorrow won't be too stressful.

I started my new job on Friday - It's great, I learned a lot and even got a few tasks done, I can't wait to go back next Friday. The only downfall is that everyone there works crazy late hours and I felt really stupid leaving at 6 which was 9 hours (minus a lunch break) so I may work until 7 from now on, we'll see how it goes. I could even go in earlier once I get a hang of what I'm doing and I don't need anyone around since NO ONE gets there before 9, it's amazing. I really do like the work though and it's all new stuff to me, working with Oracle and PHP. Almost time to update my resume.

Well i will leave it at that, I have a few emails to get done before the boyfriend gets here :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Wow - been a while...

I knew that would happen - 11 days since I last posted.

Anyhow - things have changed a bit... My school work is getting harder - I had a test on Monday - no problem though I think I did really well on it, and I have a huge homework assignment due Thursday that is driving me crazy (really wishing I didn't put it off until today to start). Atleast I have all tomorrow to get it done and hopefully get a start on my other homework assignment that's due next week.

My boyfriend's car is going bad - the waterpump went so it's in the shop and he's borrowing my car, thursday and friday i'm borrowing my mom's car for school and work - speaking of work, i got a job today as well. I had an interview for a part time job in the QA department of a medium size business. I got the job, it doesn't pay much but there's free parking (which is good in albany) and it's steady work so it's steady pay and I really need that right now.

As for cross stitch, i've hardly touched it lately - not since last week some time, this weekend was wasted away playing Civ III, way too many hours sitting at the computer getting swallowed by a game that takes forever to get anywhere - and it's still beckoning for me to come back and play but i'm avoiding the call... my reward tonight was to watch tv at 8 and 10 is Law and Order SVU so i'll watch that.

Well it's 10 so it's time for my show- hopefully afterward I can get back to working on my assignment before falling asleep - I just need to relax and not get stressed out because I know this is doable - same as the last one!