Saturday, July 28, 2007


Well i haven't been posting much because work has been a little crazy - now I won't be posting because I will be on a MUCH needed vacation from work. We're not going anyplace except where we are now - back at my parents' house for a few days and then I head up to Maine for a few days at my friend's family cabin and lots of stitching!

I think this will be a great week off from work, the end of the week will be lots of stitching and the beginning will be some working outside and just relaxing, playing computer games like tonight and reading!

So I'll be offline for about a week - with pictures next week of my Celtic Banner hopefully!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

As promised - a picture!

Here is Carol's RR with my house all finished. It's Woodland Cottage from Elizabeth's Designs with modifications and of course it's not the entire piece. There are a lot of things I like about this piece, the trees are one of my favorite things.

Well my fiance is off on day one of the Bar Exams!!! I'm up in Concord, NH working from the hotel awaiting his return at 4:30? We watched Dejavu last night which I thought was a pretty good movie. We have Breakfast at Tiffany's tonight. It's been a while since he's been able to sit and watch a movie.

Well back to work, at least it helps pass the time without me worrying :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Stitchy weekend for sure!!! I can't wait to show pictures - I'm going to try to remember to take them tonight before i head up to Concord.

I FINISHED stitching my house on Carol's RR!! It was such fun and I got to stitch most of one of the charts I really like with some major modifications but still, now I feel like I've stitched the chart and can call it "finished" in my stash :)

I'll probably get that packed up and mailed out by the end of the week to Leslie.. this week is a little busy because the Bar has finally arrived! My fiance has 3 days of 6 hour testing (Tues-Thur) and I'll be staying with him at various hotels to help him get up in the morning for them. Tonight and Tomorrow night are up in Concord, NH so instead of a crazy long drive I'm going to just work from there tomorrow. That way I can be supportive and be there when he gets back from his first day of testing.

It's all over on friday!!! I can't wait and next week I'm taking as vacation time! Very much needed!!!! for both of us :) I will definitely have stitching to show after that!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Still around. I haven't been in the blogging mood, I am trying to stay on top of reading blogs, I apologize if I'm not commenting much but I am reading when i find time! Anyhow, part of the reason I haven't been posting is just lack of material, I pretty much just work lately, not much to talk about.

I have had some time to stitch. Last night would have been great but we lost power for a few hours and I can't stitch on 40ct by candle light so I wound thread on bobbins instead.

I've been working on Carol's Neighborhood Round Robin. The house is almost finished and then I can do the landscaping. I'm not worried about making the deadline at least , even with the small amount of stitching time I've had I've managed to get the bulk of the house done. I'll probably try to post a picture on monday!

This weekend is my last weekend house sitting. I will hopefully relax a bit and stitch - maybe sunday when I get home - and otherwise I have some cleaning to do (both at the house I'm staying at and when I get home). Unfortunately it's going to be just one of those weekends that disappears on me I know it.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I really thought I was going to have stitching every night, with lots of tv shows and/or movies. Boy how things change. The first change is that I've been working every night way more than I had planned - last night I worked till midnight! Secondly, my fiance decided to come down and study for his Bar Exams in the air conditioned house (our A/C is broken) so that limits the tv to his break times which include an hour for dinner and maybe after 9pm if he's gotten studying done for the day.

But that's not the real hold up - it's a new game I found - called Chocolatier - you make chocolates and create a chocolate empire throughout the world. It's SO addicting because it's easy but challenging at the same time. Easy because I never got close to running out of money or not finishing a puzzle but still challenging because there's a lot going on to keep in mind. I have played every free second I do have and I've almost beat the game which just spurs me on to beat it already so I can go back to my normal life - very bad. I'm even considering playing on my lunch break today - bad bad bad!!!

Tonight I am promising myself I will stitch! Maybe I'll start Grey's Anatomy on my laptop or listen to my audiobook, either one would be great. ... can't wait!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Carol's Neighborhood RR start:
Finally a picture! I know it's not much but it's a start, the house is from Elizabeth's Designs "Woodland Cottage" with modifications. The grey is a stone foundation and I decided to stitch the house red (instead of white) and I think I'm going to use black - like wrought iron - in place of the green, not sure yet.

Last night was a long night of working. I worked much later than I had hoped so no stitching. Tonight I plan to do a little work and then get right to stitching. I have a movie I want to watch so I can return it to the library so that's 2 hours of stitching right there!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Story of my life, I forgot to take a picture of my progress.. that's right - I stitched finally!! I don't think I've properly stitched since my Neighborhood RR at the end of May, beginning of june.

I re-started on Carol's Neighborhood RR, got a couple of hours in! I find it difficult changing colors on a pattern but I do not like the house color on the pattern I'm using, even though I like the style house, so I'm trying to change it and hopefully tomorrow I can show a picture!

This weekend was very relaxing, Saturday I spent the morning packing for my 2 weeks of house sitting, then moved my stuff down to my Uncle's. I went out Saturday night to stitch with friends. Sunday I relaxed all day, watching movies, stitching and winding floss. It was great - minus the migraine I got but my medicine worked okay.

Now I'm in for a week of working and hopefully stitching in the evenings! I have movies and tv shows lined up! I sure will miss my fiance though - he's busy studying anyway but still. I can't wait to see him next weekend!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh IKEA joy!

That's what I did on the 4th! I went to IKEA! I sure do love that store, we spent about 3 hours walking around. I had a gift card so I guiltlessly bought little kitchen things (including a set of silverware - finally i can get rid of the old mismatched pieces I have).

On the stitching front, while I did pick up "stitching" it was to unstitch what I had started on Carol's NRR. I mentioned before that I had forgotten to leave room for the grass, so I unstitched that last night - no biggie. I'm hoping tomorrow to get to start over, with the grass first this time!

Also starting Saturday I am house sitting for 2 weeks. This means no regular access to my crafty stuff :( Tomorrow will be packing anything I might need ( I can stop home on weekends a bit )... plus it's good timing with the fiance studying for the Bar Exams, it will keep the apartment quieter for him.

I'm hoping to get stitching done - first Carol's RR, then maybe some embroidery on Leanne's Quilt, I sure have missed that one!

Okay back to work - what is up with allergies these past few days - driving me crazy!

Monday, July 02, 2007

July Goals:
Well this will look familiar :)
1) Finish Carol's NRR and mail out!
2) Finish Leanne's block 7!
3) Finish fishy part of fishy pin

June Wrapup:
1) Finish Neighborhood RR and mail out! [YES!]
2) Finish Leanne's block 7! [Haven't touched it :(]
3) Start Carol's NRR [Yup - just a tiny tiny bit]
4) Frame Peaceful Silhouette! [Nope :(]

Evidently the summer is not a great stitching time for me.. but that WILL change! I'll be house sitting for 2 weeks with Central Air and not much else to do (besides work). I plan on watching Gray's Anatomy and stitching on Carol's NRR.

I did start on Carol's NRR this weekend but I think I want to rip out what I did because I forgot to leave room for the grass flowers underneath the house and with the house being short I might need the height. I only stitched one length of grey stone as the base of the house so I'll just pull that out and start over.. probably tomorrow night!