Monday, June 30, 2008

June Goals wrapup! - wow i can't believe June is over - 2 months till the wedding!

1) Finish flower girl dress #4 [YES]
2) Fix flower girl dress #3 [not yet]
3) Finish dress form [yes but didn't work - so bought one]
4) Start flower girl dress #5 [YES - top done!]

1) Finish hardanger on ring bearer pillow [YES]

1) Finish 4 other pearl necklaces [YES]
2) Finish 5 pairs of matching earrings [YES]
3) Make ring bearer pillow [not yet]
4) Attach wording to invites [YES]
5) Mail invites! [YES]
Also got a great start on Glenna's NRR! I'm stitching ladybug house by elizabeth's designs!
And made shower thank you notes and sent them!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Shower this weekend.. both kinds :)

My sister threw a bridal shower for me this weekend, she did such a great job hosting a large part (about 30 people showed up with the potential for 40). I got to talk to lots of people I hardly knew but knew me (I grew up in a small town) and lots of people I haven't seen in a long time.

And I got to give the bridesmaids these gifts I made (here is the final necklace with earrings that I made):
And my definite favorite of the gifts was this quilt that my Mom, Grandmother and sister made for me! I got to pick the fabrics so I already knew I'd love it but this was just beyond expectation. Here it is on my bed (as soon as I got home!):
Here is the patch my grandmother stitched for the back!
And my grandmother made me a matching runner for my dresser! She also made me matching pillow cases (not shown) - what a surprise!
She also made me another table runner to replace my christmas one she made me since I told her I leave that out all year, here it is on top of the christmas one. I love it - the bright colors are definitely "me".
I was overwhelmed by the generosity of my family and those that will become family in just under 10 weeks time! I can't believe how close the wedding is, so much to do but yet so much is already done, I really feel like it's soon now!

I also finished the 4th flower girl dress this weekend and left it with my grandmother who is going to hem it. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture because i finished it the morning we left Friday to go back home. It's the same as the purple one I did but it's in green :) One more to go!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Very hot and humid!
We spent the weekend sweating it out - not turning on the A/C just yet (turned it on today though!). So the weekend consisted of activities I could do in the livingroom and diningroom under the fans!

So I've almost completed making a dress form that exactly matches me - pictures to come after I finish it hopefully Tuesday night. It's my height with my heels for the wedding on, since the goal is to use it to hem my wedding dress. If it can hold the weight of my wedding dress that is... it's a bit flimsier than I'd like.

I also worked on thank you cards, making a design I like for the shower thank you's and cutting all the necessary pieces/colors for the card (about 60 even though i hopefully won't need that many).

I also made the earrings to match the bridesmaid's pearl necklaces and I'm very happy with them, so I made up the little boxes with matching cards to give them at the shower this coming weekend - wow - it's coming up so fast! I just have one necklace left to finish and one bridesmaid won't be at the shower anyway so even if I don't finish it until the following weekend i'm fine!

The unbelievable part is that I didn't read at all this weekend, not until last night before bed when I started "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" which I bought at BJ's. I've been on a reading craze lately, maybe it's good I slow down and get other things done for a while and read a more serious book in my evenings.

It's going to be a busy week with friday off to go back home and help my parents around the house (for the wedding) - I swear every third word out of my mouth is wedding - i can't wait until it's over and life can resume normalcy!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wedding Stuff...
Finally - the wedding invitations are almost finished (I just need to print the important information stuff and attach) but the outsides are all done.. here's the basic layout:
And here's my stack of 120 invites! The "happy" is embossed in white, the swirly pattern is stamped using versamark ink and the rest is pretty self explanatory.
And as of last night I have 2 of the bridesmaid's necklaces finished. These are knotted pearl and amethyst necklaces. I even made the adjustable chain closure so I'm pretty happy with these. I've finished knotting the third necklace and just have to make the chain tonight before I start on number 4 (there are 5 total plus earrings I still have to design!)
So wedding stuff is moving along! I'm hoping to get some sewing of flower girl dresses done this weekend and some more thank you notes made for the shower. So much to do!

Wendy's RR - finally some pictures!

Here is the house I stitched for Wendy's RR - Acorn Hill by LHN.
And here is the whole RR so far.

This was such a treat to stitch, I did make some slight modifications to the actual pattern I used but I love this house (got it at Celebrations) so I was very excited to stitch it!

Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm still here - i promise! Wow - May was a really light month blogging - things were just so busy with work!

I did manage (after a late night friday) to finish off Wendy's RR so i could mail it to Leslie on Saturday morning! I took a picture so i'll post that as soon as i have a minute.

This weekend we helped my sister move into her new house!!! She owns a very nice (and large) victorian in Manchester, CT! I love the house and the property, i'm so proud of her for making the jump! Hopefully we can afford to follow suit a year from now :)

Other than that it's just been work work work around here. I took every free minute I had to work on Wendy's RR. I'm hoping June is better - I'm back on the Body For Life diet for the 12 weeks before the wedding - yup - 12 weeks left! Yikes and so much to do!

Well back to work! I promise - I owe lots of pictures and they are coming!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

June Goals -
lots to do this month for the wedding!!!

1) Finish flower girl dress #4
2) Fix flower girl dress #3
3) Finish dress form
4) Start flower girl dress #5

1) Finish hardanger on ring bearer pillow

1) Finish 4 other pearl necklaces
2) Finish 5 pairs of matching earrings
3) Make ring bearer pillow
4) Attach wording to invites
5) Mail invites!

What does that leave for July -
1) Hemming and Bustling wedding dress
2) Making Veil
3) Stitching next RR (due Aug 1st)
4) Hem flower girl dresses
5) Hem bridesmaid dresses that need it
6) Make guest list book (fabric to sign)
7) Make thank you notes