Sunday, June 14, 2009

Okay sounding like a broken record but we've had a very productive weekend again ;)

Friday night we started right out with a bang, removing the aluminum siding on the lower left side of the house where we will be replacing the windows. We needed to do that so i could measure the windows and we could get an estimate for ordering new windows that will fit perfectly hopefully.

After cleaning up in the dark we just crashed Friday night and slept late Saturday. Then after I measured the windows we went to Marvin and gave them the information, I'm still waiting on the quote which I was hoping I'd get that day. Maybe monday.

Then home to spend the rest of the day in the basement. While my husband finished taking the aluminum siding off the porch (3 sides left on the turret to go) I cleaned up and organized the basement.
Here was my completed task list that I was feeling quite happy about:
- Organized the aluminum siding into bunches by size and tied together
- Organized storage in the basement with some new shelves we purchased (after I put them together)
- Vacuumed the basement.

The goal is to make the basement easy to work in next weekend since my brother-in-law is coming to do some plumbing for us, we don't want him to have to deal with cobwebs and stuff lying around so we're nice and organized now.

Then today we removed the old drain pipes (cast iron) from the downstairs bathroom, saving my brother-in-law a step in the plumbing project. We should be all set now for next weekend.

And to complete the weekend I'm now logged on to work to finish up some stuff. We have a deadline Tuesday that we're trying to meet so I figure i"ll work today and maybe i'll take next friday off to clean the house.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Another extremely productive weekend...

It has been a while since I really blogged consistently, it's difficult because work is busy, house stuff keeps me busy and everything in between.

This weekend however my parents came out to help and help they did! My husband and I got started Friday night (actually I worked Thursday night too)...

Thursday night - I continued moving the pile of dirt away from the fence back to the foundation
Friday night - finished with the pile of dirt! Removed more aluminum siding off the front of the house (started that project last weekend).
Saturday morning - dump, Lowe's, dump, aluminum siding, parents arrive. Framing (2 doorways) and Electrical (removing old stuff in the basement).
Sunday - Electrical and more electrical (it's a slow going project) while my husband did some more framing and other odd jobs.

All in all a VERY productive weekend and I felt so good Sunday night falling in to bed! Hopefully next weekend my husband and I can keep up the momentum and the following weekend my sister and her husband are coming out to help with some plumbing!