Monday, December 03, 2007

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas!
With a real snow day yesterday, I worked from home. This meant that at 5 when my fiance got home early I could stop working and get into the holiday spirit. The tree went up!
The village I got for xmas last year went up for the first time, this was fun, next time I'll use some batting for snow but I didn't want to go crazy the first time!
And the decorations went onto the mantel. The mantel is generally decorated with dragons and a few xstitch pieces, well those got pushed aside (not removed mind you) so we could cram these little guys in!

And finally a picture of the table runner I completed weeks ago (before thanksgiving when I was sick). It's called Chaos and the only thing I did different from the pattern is that I made the red squares all the same color, the pattern called for the border ones to be different than the inner ones.
Now I'm back to the office, will get home at 6 and maybe do some knitting tonight... OH yea I started knitting again :) I'm making a rabbit - it's grey since I didn't have brown yarn and I'm not quite sure it looks like a rabbit but once I start stuffing it I'll take a picture!

Happy holiday season everyone!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

December Goals
1) Finish knitted bunny
2) Add beads to Shepherd's Purse
3) Work on block 8 embroidery
4) Start new cross stitch

November Wrapup:
1) Stitch Bine's NRR and mail [YUP!]
2) Start embroidery on block 8 [YUP]
3) Sew Curtains [just the one pair done so far]
4) Sew table cloth [nope]
5) Add beads to Shepherd's Purse [nope]