Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I've been following this blog for a while, she's extremely creative and some day I hope to be able to whip up these adorable outfits when the inspiration arises. This skirt is just very fashionable!

Milk Weed Skirt

And now she's linked to another sewer... a new blog to check out for sure:
Loose Teeth Sundress by Loose Teeth

Monday, May 11, 2009

What a great weekend, I love weekends with family and getting stuff done all mixed in.

Friday night we bought some more flowers for the garden and planted those (in the dark) :)

Saturday we worked on framing, then had company, then worked outside some more.

Sunday we finished up some framing, then I worked outside on gardens and moving dirt. It was a productive but relaxing weekend all in one.

We also had some roofers come Saturday and start on the project of repairing our slate roof. It's actually in really good shape for the most part, just one area was losing some slate and they repaired that, and the chimney we removed needs to be patched with slate. Plus our "turret" is leaking but it's not the slate that's the problem it's the "flashing" type metal gutter or something like that, we're trying to decide what to do there because it's very high up.

Unfortunately I've been fighting some serious neck pain/headaches the last few days, it's very annoying and I'm not sure what exactly is causing it but meds don't help. Hopefully that will clear up soon.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Celebrations weekend!

Well it wasn't as big a weekend for me as it usually is but I just bought a house so I have other things to celebrate as well as xstitch :)

Saturday my friends came up to my house, then we went over and shopped. The shopping turnout was actually a little smaller than usual but we each found something we liked. I usually have a hard time not spending too much but it was actually kind of hard to find things I wanted to buy this time unfortunately :( Our favorite shop was not there again :(

I did however buy 3 things - a french book of fantasy patterns which is adorable, a Scandinavian pattern that I've been meaning to get for a couple of years now to do up as a gift, and a kit which wasn't actually in stock but the shop will mail to me this week. It was the only thing I saw that just grabbed me.

Hopefully next year will be bigger but for now it's good I saved some money because this weekend was pretty expensive. We had to buy a lawn mower finally and mowed the lawn. Sunday I did some more work outside, put up our Compost bin I ordered and moved some dirt to our fill area by the foundation. I also cleaned our demo area up a bit and started doing some paint stripping last night.

I'm really looking forward to next weekend, I believe we're doing all house related activities. It may be the only weekend we're both home to get the framing that's left done and maybe start on the electrical. Then I can work on the rest of the electrical next weekend when my husband is away.

Friday, May 01, 2009

May Goals
1)Work on baby sampler for coworker -
that's really the only crafty thing I plan to do this month. most of my goals are house related:
2) Finish framing of bathroom
3) Replace bathroom window
4) Figure out Doorway in tv room
5) Wire bathroom and tv room
6) Prepare for insulation guy and set up appointment
7) Set up roof repair appointment

April Goals Wrapup
1) Hem cousin's bridesmaid dress [Done]
2) Finish flower girl dress [Done]
3) Work on baby sampler for coworker [not really]
4) Complete demolition in tv room and bathroom downstairs [Done]
5) Build trusses and complete framing for blue room [Done]
6) Complete wiring of blue room for inspection [Done]