Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Stitching - My Stitching Treasures

Finally some stitching! I got this pattern with the silk threads and charms for my bridal shower from all my friends (they actually paid for a shopping spree for me and this was the top of the list). So New Year's Eve 2009 I pulled it out - around 11:50pm actually and this is my foray back into stitching!

I've now been organizing my sewing room again and getting really into it. New Year's Eve/Day I stitched the outline and then last week I stitched the deer and rabbit. Another night I stitched the flower bush and top left start. Last night I stitched the 3 mini motifs (over 1), the 2 potted flowers and started on a backstitch block.

I love working with silks and this piece is such a wonderful treat. I do hope to continue this until I get bored and then start some other pieces I've had in mind for a while!

Monday, January 04, 2010

My other website is temporarily down - should be back up by the end of the week but I think I'll start updating this one on stitching stuff again ...

The problem was I wasn't stitching AT ALL because of house related projects. So my other blog is all about the house.

Of course the not stitching does not work for me :) So as of New Year's Eve I started a new project! I'll post a picture soon now that I know i'm going to blog about it.

But first - let me go over my 2009 goals and see how I did...
2009 Goals
1) Hem my bridesmaid dress for sister's wedding [done]
2) Hem other bridesmaid dress for sister's wedding [done]
3) Make flower girl dress for sister's wedding [done]
4) Finish page 3 of Celtic Banner [more than halfway through page 3]
5) Make baby sampler for coworker's baby by first birthday [done]
6) Work on Amish Quilt [nope :(]
7) Finish embroidery on Leanne's quilt blocks [nope :(]

All in all it was a good year for not really stitching - I pretty much only stitched Celtic Banner during my Maine vacation and the sampler for a coworker. But that is changing now!

I'm not going to set goals this year since months seem to fly by with everything going on but I do hope to stitch for fun and sew for fun and blog about it more often than last year!