Monday, March 29, 2004

I missed my sunday night. Luckily I have monday...

The past week was definately different, it flew by too. My interview on Tuesday went really well, I can't wait to hear back from them, hopefully before my interview on Friday with MIT LL. I really like the company, and the people, the area, everything. MIT LL is closer to boston though, so it's going to be a toss up based on salary probably (if i get the jobs).

School is going good, I already finished an assignment that's due on Thursday and now I'm going to get a move on an assignment due next Monday, try to stay ahead of things. The next few weekends are filling up so I have to spend time during the week really cracking down.

I started running finally, 4th day today. I didn't run Saturday because it was raining but Sunday my boyfriend ran with me. Today was a short run because I got up late, about 15 minutes but the rest of the week I can sleep in and still run (except thursday). Friday I won't be running since I'll be in boston, saturday i will try at my uncles to still go. I need to stick with it for 3 weeks, see if there's results and if not figure out what to try next (add in some dieting maybe or something). .. getting close to summer!

I finally had some time to stitch, not much but I am almost done with the Cherished Teddy RR piece, just a little bit of backstitching left, and I'm bringing it to school today in case I have break time between classes to pull it out. Next I have another RR piece of cats to do, they are by month so I'm going to start with the halloween one then do my birthday one (april).

Money is finally not an issue, although that's thanks to all the work I have. I have been working on this website for a while now, just running into some problems now that I need to figure out and then I can get back to making new changes. I actually have to do some updates on it, maybe tomorrow, but i'm also headed to NYSED tomorrow to finish up some more work there, maybe schedule another day to go as well to work on documentation.

Well - school is calling and my hair is still wet so i must go finish getting ready, and head off! I love that spring is here, some warmer weather and sunshine too!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2004

just feeling the weight of life right now...

The week after spring break was tough - extremely busy - I quit my job at Amici so atleast it's the last week that's that busy. This week will be busy though. Tomorrow after classes I fly out to Boston - then Tuesday interview and fly back. Wednesday I work in Albany and finish up homework and thursday classes - thank goodness for friday being free though! I actually have a lot of work to get done right now too--- the website I'm working on is in the middle of updates that i need to finish up soon -- but first I have a computer assignment that needs finishing and then a financial accounting assignment, actually i'll do that first so it's done.

Well not much else to say - or atleast not much time to ramble - I'll be back when i have time :)

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Been a while...

Well things have been busy I guess you could stay - Spring break is over but I am yet to get a day off - before spring break was a really hectic week, I worked on my midterm at my aunt and uncle's the weekend before, saw my cousins, including the new addition Maia - who is adorable and I'm sure changed a lot since then. The middle one is now potty trained (diapers at night still) and doing great, the oldest is on the brink of reading, sounding things out, sight reading, all at 4 1/2 - she's really turning into a little person it's amazing.

We got back sunday pretty early and I managed to almost finish my midterm - the computing parts atleast. Then with school and work I didn't get much else done until Wednesday when I studied for my math midterm and finished my computer one. Thursday, took midterm and basically glided through the day in a daze-- stayed up too late, got up at 4am and we headed down to NJ for my interview at 8. That went really well and I loved the work, but the area didn't impress me too much. My boyfriend spent the day in the city, he went to St. John's and went to one of the classes to see how he liked it. Then it was spring break, I guess we kinda relaxed that weekend - except sunday I spent working on the website, then monday - thursday all work. Friday worked some more on the website and then took the night off to watch movies. Yesterday was homework and work and today is the same. I did however get to sleep in the past two days atleast.
This coming week is a tough one - school/work everyday but wednesday - my much needed day for more studying (exam on thursday). Plus I think I'll be quitting my job because i make almost nothing when I could be working on the website those days for 4 times the money (less hours same money and get schoolwork done). I really like the job so it is really tough, plus I've never quit a job before in my life. I think I'll talk to my "boss" on tuesday and say that this will be my last week because for the next 2 weeks anyways I'd only be able to work fridays because I have interviews in Boston on tuesdays and work at the dept. of ed on wednesdays.
Yea so I have 2 interviews at boston companies filling the rest of this month. Actually this tuesday I have an interview with a NJ company but it's right on campus - so I'll just leave work early to go. Life is getting tough - it's looking like I'd be happiest in boston (always knew that) but job wise it's my best shot, and it's looking like my boyfriend's best shot at law school is in NYC. He got into Northeastern in boston but he doesn't like them because they don't have grades. He isn't keeping hopes up for BU or BC but he is still hoping for UConn which is a treck but definately doable at the least. NYC I just don't think I'd be happy working in NJ, everything I looked forward to in the years after graduating was living closer to my uncles and cousins and seeing them more, being a bigger part of their lives - as well as staying close to home which NJ is of course. Guess I'm just scared but I won't voice this until I know where he's gotten into and not and then we'll make the decisions. Only a few weeks to go.

Well it's been great but i have a lot of work to get back to - or start atleast :)