Thursday, July 31, 2008

Glenna's NRR!

Only about a week late in uploading the pictures :) I stitched Ladybug House by Elizabeth's designs for Glenna - here's my house:

And the whole RR so far - only one spot left!:
I thought I'd be stressed out about this RR since I'd be busy with wedding things but it turned out it perfectly filled some free time I had while house sitting when I couldn't be in my sewing room anyway! What a pleasure to stitch.

In other news - I've continued the go to bed at midnight and get up at 6am ritual so even though I'm working 11-12 hour days at work, I still have a good 4 hours in the evenings to do things around the house. My big project this week has been my wedding dress - I did the bustle on Sunday and I started hemming it Wed night (pinned it up), Thursday night I hemmed the underskirt of the dress and also the separate undergarment I wear to puff out the skirt more. Tonight I will start the actual dress fabric hemming - yikes! The length is perfect though - 2 1/2 inches I have to cut off !

My deadline is to get the dress hemmed and the applique put back on the bottom before Saturday night so I can bring it back home with me!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Peaceful Silhouette framed -

finally a picture!

This is the piece I stitched for my fiance for his law school graduation, he bought the kit and I stitched it. It is now happily framed and awaiting his new job in September where he will hang it. No point in bringing it to his current job with only 4 more weeks to go.

I am continuing the schedule of getting up 6, working till 7, going home and staying up till 11:30 (asleep by midnight) - this gives me a couple of good hours in the evenings to get stuff done and I'm excited.

I've decided to redo the zipper on the green flower girl dress - so I will be doing that this week hopefully and finally fixing the ribbon on the purple one, then they will be ready for hemming. Lots to do but I think I can manage it - less than 5 weeks to go!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Last flower girl dress is finished!!!

I finished it up last night. I'm a little mad at myself for not being more careful when basting before attaching the zipper as the seams don't match up as nicely as i'd like but it's really not that noticeable and I was too lazy to fix it. I just know it will bug me now though :(

All i have left to do on the girls' dresses now is to hem them and fix the first dress that doesn't have the ribbon like the other two. It's a pretty easy fix, just unstitch part of the side seams on the top, add the ribbon and stitch back up. I may try to do that tonight if I get a chance but I also have to make some veils tonight so we'll see how it goes.

I think i officially have less than 6 weeks now - and of course work is just insane right now so i'm working long hours and sleeping less and really looking forward to the weekend even though it will be packed!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stitching away on Glenna's RR! I finished the house last night and the fountain. I have mostly flowers left and the sun and bird. I'm stitching Ladybug House by Elizabeth's designs so it's got some specialty stitches that I always enjoy.

I've been stitching while listening to my current audiobook - "Silent in the Grave" - which I'm loving!

I forgot my camera while I'm house sitting this week so no pictures until this weekend unfortunately :(

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July Goals -

Really getting down to the line here:

1) Finish 5th flower girl dress
2) Fix purple flower girl dress
3) Hem 2 white flower girl dresses
4) Bustle wedding dress
5) Hem wedding dress
6) start making Veil
7) Hem sister's bridesmaid's dress
8) Make ring bearer pillow

1) Finish Glenna's RR
2) Start knitting shorts for a coworker's new baby

And that leaves only the following wedding things for August:
1) Make guest list book (fabric to sign)
2) Make thank you notes
3) Make some clothes for my honeymoon (dress/tank tops)