Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where is April going??

I'm doing a slightly different schedule with work, trying to get home earlier and run which means I have to get in earlier, which means I go to bed earlier - it's rough but I think it's working out so far. And I even finished my project work for my class tomorrow (last class!!).

So now i'm going to start a new book and snuggle in to bed after a quick crafty update:

I've been working on the invitations for the wedding slowly, got all the embossing done tonight as well as the ribbons cut! All that's left is putting them together and figuring out how to word the inside and then print those!

As for flower girl dresses - I cut the pattern for the fourth dress and then the main fabric but I haven't yet cut the lining or started sewing. I'm hoping to find some time this weekend around traveling back to NY to work on it a bit.

Jewelry - is on hold, waiting for supplies to arrive that I have ordered and then I think i'll be ready to start making some pearl necklaces! I can't wait.

Well that's my life - besides work.. trying to keep the balance of getting things done for the wedding and getting sleep and exercise! Better work on the sleep part now :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gifts and Treats!!

First - is a lovely birthday surprise from Carol! This arrived the day before my birthday with Wendy's RR. It's my very first needleroll and so perfectly done, I love it! Without further ado:
When I was in CA, my two friends out there gave me a wonderful birthday/wedding gift- it's preciously made by hand! It's a purse - dupioni silk and ribbon flowers and pearls on the front. It's so exquisite, I can't believe they MADE it!
Even better - inside was this antique handkerchief with pulled thread work - in blue! How perfect!
And as a birthday gift to myself while I was in CA, we went to a quilt shop and I splurged a bit on fat quarters:
I would have posted this yesterday but it wasn't a very good birthday, I got to work and got inundated with cruddy stuff to deal with, it was a crappy day overall. Plus I had class at 4pm which luckily ended early (the only bright spot to my day) and i came home and relaxed and talked to my mom for a few hours! So it ended well at least.

And now i have a busy busy weekend coming up but first a busy day of work at home and then cleaning around the house - yeah :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

A trip to California and some knitting.

My oh my where is April going??? I can't believe it's half over already! (just about). Last week I unexpectedly had to go to California for work - I hate last minute trips but it was a good trip and I got a lot done. And before I left I made sure to get my little Lamby all finished up! Finally some pictures!!!

Here's Sammy the Lamby!
Here he is on his side. I'm not sure the pictures really show it but this guy is pretty big!
I'm sure my coworker will appreciate it, especially as a matching gift to the sweater and pants another coworker is knitting in the blue yarn (the same yarn i used for the collar).

With that done I think my knitting is done for a while. I have to focus on wedding projects!

Speaking of wedding projects - the third flower girl dress is coming along, all I have left is the finishing (adding the zipper and doing the hand stitching) so I'm very excited. Hopefully this weekend I'll not only finish that dress but start the next one!

Well it's been a long night working so i'm going to cuddle up and read a book - I read 3 books last week between planes and hotel nights - better update my reading blog soon!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Goals:- not much different than march :)

1) Finish flower girl 3 dress
2) Start flower girl 4 dress
3) Cut pattern sizes for flower girl 4

1) Emboss invitations
2) Make knotted pearl necklaces (3) for bridesmaids

1) Finish lamb for coworker

1) Work on Necessaire

March Review:
1) Finish flower girl 3 dress Nope - but started
2) Start flower girl 4 dress Nope
3) Cut pattern sizes for flower girl 2, 3 and 4 Cut for flower girl 2
4) Get measurements for flower girl 5 Not yet

1) Start invitations
- punch all flowers and holes in flowers YES
- start embossing Nope but got all cutting done
- finish at least 10 as models Nope
2) Buy beads for veil Yes
3) Cut veil piece for practice and practice beading kind of
4) Start hardanger piece for ring bearer pillow waiting for class in may

1) Finish Deb's NRR and mail by April 1st YES

1) Finish lamb for coworker Nope