Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Peaceful Silhouette last night. I really like sticking to this piece and see it come along. I'll post another progress picture tomorrow. I worked on the sky last night and finished all but the last tweeded color in the sky. Then I'll move down to the lighter part of the water (which will finish quickly) and lastly the dark part of the water. It's so much fun to see this piece come along!

Besides stitching (I only stitched 2 hours last night), I went through my patterns last night and pulled a few that I really want to start soon.

The piece I want to stitch for my aunt for Christmas is this one:
America The Beautiful by Rosewood Manner
Then for myself I'd really like to start Random Thoughts by Drawn Thread
And possibly for my fiance's step mother for christmas: Winter Wonderland by Little House Needleworks

Those are the ones I actually pulled out of my stash. As soon as I finish up Peaceful Silhouette I will start on one of those (probably America the Beautiful). Then I think after Barnabee is done I'd like to get Lady Scarlet - another one just for me :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Peaceful Silhouette Weekend Progress...

I really think I'll have the sky finished soon, I've gotten it down to almost a single color left in the center after I finish the white and one other color.

Unfortunately the water will take a while. It is all half stitches but it's very dense. And then there's the backstitching.. ho hum :)

Anyway - no stitching last night at all. I got a new book for work and I spent the evening reading it and then just sleeping. All well.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Barnabee progress!

I got to stitch on Barnabee friday night after all had settled down with the computer issues. I made about 1/3 progress on Part II which is great. The over one stitching took a little while and those yellow star stitches are a lot of fun!!

Then the rest of the weekend my stitching was devoted to Peaceful Silhouette- progress pic tomorrow - but i made some great progress! I think I can finish up all the sky stitching very soon, leaving just the water in the bottom right. I really will finish this in time for my fiance's graduation!

Otherwise I didn't do much this weekend, I ordered a new laptop, to arrive hopefully by March 9th, I'm currently recovering the data on my old laptops hard drive and then i'll try to repair that one and give it to my mom. Sunday I changed my oil since it was nice and warm out - must remember to update my car blog about that :)

Anyway, that was my last free weekend for a while but it was lots of fun relaxing with my fiance and basically watching all of House Season 2 :)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Computer problems...

Well I was going to work from home today (Actually I did) but after a few hours my good old reliable laptop died on me! Just dead, no hard drive error or anything. It will take some debugging but it will have to wait until next week when I can bring my hard drive into work and try to recover the data.

Anyway, we have multiple computers, so I'm using my fiance's laptop (have all day) and getting by... but I just ordered a new laptop. I've been thinking about doing it for a long while now and this just finally gave me the kick i needed. It's a dell and it has a much better video card so I can play all the games I used to play on my gaming computer (which I no longer enjoy lugging around) :) I can't wait for it to arrive - probably a few weeks but still!

Anyway. I plan to get some Barnabee time in tonight even though it's late. This is going to be a *hopefully* crafty weekend as we have no plans at all! But boy do I have sewing plans :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

No stitching no pics, last night was a blah night, i was tired and just layed around watching House and went to bed early. The good news in I finally got up early and got in early again, maybe I can keep this up and get back on schedule - so I won't be leaving work at 6 or later anymore and I can have my evenings back.

Well if I want to leave at an earlier time I need to get some stuff done... :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pictures from this weekend!
Here is the dress I made to be Dora's Fairy Tale dress for my 3 yr old cousin. This took about 8-10 hours with the zipper taking a full hour!
And here is the finished wall hanging for my coworker. I really love the fabric in the border and the backing (I didn't take a picture of the backing). I gave this to her yesterday at work.

Last night I did a little embroidery on Leanne's block 6. I really want to do the applique on block 7 but I'm trying to be good and finish 6 first. This coming weekend I think I'll piece block 9 - for some reason they sent block 9 instead of 8 so I have to wait until next month for 8 - all well. Then I hope to make some serious progress on the pieced blocks and maybe get caught up again. Oh why can't it be the weekend already???

Monday, February 19, 2007

Barnabee Week 3 progress:

That's where I got on Barnabee Friday night. Part I is pretty much finished (except for part of the border) and I'm ready to start Part II this week - probably Friday night again with how things are going this week.

I had a great weekend, lots of sewing - more pictures to come tomorrow for sure. Saturday I cleaned the apartment and then started the princess dress for my 3 yr old cousin (her birthday is actually today). Then I settled in for the evening and worked on the website!
Sunday I finished the dress and did some hand stitching (tacking the mohair onto the dress and all) and then Finished the winnie the pooh sampler for my coworker. Then I made that into a wallhanging (another picture for tomorrow) and finished the binding and everything. A very productive weekend.

Today its back to work and tonight I have to work on the website some more. I really can't wait until next weekend, another weekend with no plans and I'm going to try to keep it that way again if I can!

My poor fiance who was sick last friday is still sick - all weekend. He stuck to the couch and so far I haven't gotten sick - i hope it stays that way!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Back from Vacation and other things...

I got a little stitching done this past week, focusing strictly on Peaceful Silhouette and finishing the dock to the right (it's a little cut off on the scan). Now I just have all the sky and water to finish. I'm going to work on this a bit at lunch today as well hopefully.

So it was a long week. And now it's friday. We went on vacation up to NH to snowboard Sun-Tues. We didn't stay Tuesday but left in the morning because my great grandmother passed away. So we drove back to NY for Tues-Thur and stayed with my parents. So during that nice huge storm we were driving in and out of town for the funeral.

But we got back last night, and all is well....except now my fiance has the flu. He came down with it last night. Ruining his plans to go snowboarding with my uncle today, poor guy is home on the couch. I'm working today, probably a quiet day and I'll be leaving around 4:30 to head to Joann's and get fabric to sew this weekend. Maybe I'll have some pictures monday of my project (for one of my cousins).

Oh and Barnabee was neglected this week. I hope to work on him tonight if my fiance is up for watching some movies after I get home. So hopefully a progress pic of that monday as well...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

On vacation... be back wednesday... i'll be in the mountains snowboarding - or sitting in the hotel room stitching because i'm not good at snowboarding and it's cold outside :)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

No stitching, I was lazy last night and just watched tv. I had to work late again (gosh I hope not tonight!) and got to my aunt's just in time for dinner. Then we caught up on the last 2 gilmore girls (since I showed up at 11 last week). I pretty much was zonked after that and my Leanne's block 6 didn't even see the light of day.. um.. night.. whatever.

Tonight stitch was canceled but i think i'm going to go home at a normal time (umm... 5 maybe?), run, eat dinner and then settle in to work on ... umm... something, not sure what yet ;)

Oh man i can't wait for the weekend....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Barnabee Week 2
This is about 2 more hours of progress - my second week on the Barnabee SAL. I finished band 3, stitched band 4 and 5 and did a little of both 6 and 7 (the worms and the bee) because i couldn't resist those little guys! Next week will be two little blue birds and another row of flowers and probably some more border. I love this piece, always have and it's so much fun to stitch, even when it feels like the snails will never end, they do :)

So that was my night. Tonight I will work on Leanne's Quilt block 6 and Thursday at stitch I will continue with Leanne's block 6. I'm hoping tomorrow to stitch on Peaceful Silhouette at lunch time and I need to start bringing that home to stitch in the evenings, I just want to finish block 6 first (always something :) )

3 more days until my mini vacation. Too bad I won't be stitching much on my "vacation" as we'll be too busy snowboarding but maybe I'll get a little embroidery done or something small. I still have to finish Pooh bear too :)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Okay no barnabee last night .. this whole planned night of stitching rarely works out for me :) Last night we ended up going out to dinner with a friend of mine from high school who was driving through on her way back to Maine. So I didn't get home until almost 10pm - no stitching.

But tonight there will definitely be stitching! Probably Barnabee, and then I have to make sure I have all the threads I need for my Leanne's Quilt embroidery for wednesday at my aunt's house. I'd like to finish this block this month so I think I'm going to stick to embroidering this block a bit more than I have been so by the weekend of the 17th it will be done and I'll be onto the next one (block 7).

I've decided it's time to sew another princess dress.. almost. One of my cousins is about to turn 3 , she's a princess girl, I made her a dress for her 2nd birthday but it isn't poofy enough and princess enough so it's not her favorite. I'm going to see her this weekend and find out what her favorite princess is and if i make her a dress if she'll wear it this time :) Then the 17th when I'm home alone I can sew the dress! We'll see :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Barnabee's Quest SAL - started on Friday...

The problem with friday stitching for me is that I don't get to show the picture until Monday because I'm too lazy to use my scanner at home. I will stitch on Barnabee on Monday nights so progress pics will be on Tuesdays. I had a blast starting this one, I have wanted to stitch this since I moved out here in 2004 and bought it (around July time I think). Then I stitched the bee skep in the wrong place - UGG so I ripped it out and stitched everything else you see. Then saturday morning when I got up I restitched the bee skep - just so I'd be where I should have been friday night :) Any tonight I will continue working on this one.

The rest of the weekend I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. I did a lot of shopping on saturday (but luckily did not spend a lot). Then wound some floss saturday night. Sunday I packed up my stamping stuff into boxes so that clears some room in my closet. I'm not going to pack it such that i can't get to it but it's in boxes (3 large boxes) and I don't see getting into stamping until the summer anyway with everything else I have going on. So if we move in May I'm prepared already.

Then after getting the food cooked for the week and everything else done I got a littel bit of time to work on Leanne's Quilt block 6 - not enough to show but that will be my Tuesday night project so I will show a picture wednesday hopefully. I still have to finish the winnie the pooh - soon - no reason to rush since I can't finish it this weekend anyway but next weekend (the 17th) will be my quilting weekend - my fiance will be away ice fishing and i will be quilting away!

This is a long one - i'm going to go post on my other blogs now :)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Yippee .. and Pooh and Piglet are just about finished :)
That's right - last night at stitch I finished up all the backstitching. All I have left is to add the name and date and finish into a wall hanging. I hope this weekend will be enough time.

So I didn't start Barnabee's Quest last night - but I plan to start it tonight if I can ever get out of work and get home to start it! I think Monday nights will be my barnabee night but tonight in celebration of Imbolc I will be starting a new piece. Now if only i could get out of work while it's still light outside!