Wednesday, April 28, 2004

2 days...

And I get to leave for the Celebration of Needlework! I can't wait! I am going to leave early friday too, so I can get there early to shop and maybe stitch. Then head to my uncle's to visit with the kids since I won't see them much the rest of the weekend. Saturday I'm going to my other cousin's soccer game then back to the convention by 2 for classes. I'm meeting up with a few 123stitcher's for dinner and then going to the ice cream social/class which I will probably leave a bit early for so I don't have to drive too late. Then back by 8am for more classes on sunday!

So school is done, I've been working a bit the last few days, not too much though since I had other things to do but tomorrow I have lots of time to work and then next week since I'm taking the weekend off! I finished the wood tray I decorated, but I think I'm going to retry it because the crackled paint didn't work real well on the sides so I'm going to repaint the sides brown then crackle with the white again, maybe a thicker coat will crackle better because the center crackled fine - that's hidden by the daisy tiles though. I will put pictures up soon, just want to get it done first.

Today I went to Joan's and I bought some plant pots to decorate as well as some new stencils. One of the planters I'm going to try the crackle thing on and then decoupage a fern to the outside. The other I will try either painting and stenciling or just stenciling. I also bought a ceramic pot that I wanted to put rub on transfers on but the one I bought won't go on straight, i need smaller ones that don't wrap around so that may get saved until another trip to AC Moore which has a much better selection. Once I finish decorating the pots I then need to plant something so next week it's off to the store, I may start with seeds and try to grow some herbs in them, haven't decided for sure yet, I just don't like useless plants that you have to water, herbs I can dry and use, get some oregano and parsley (my rabbit loves parsley).

My WIP is coming along, the top now says "Win" - only ter left and then all the blue surrounding it. I don't think I will pick it up tonight because it's 11:30 and I'm ready for bed, but tomorrow I will definately make some time for it. I also got my new RR to work on - it's really cute, these little quilt hearts, I can't wait to do one, I just have to check the list of colors make sure I have them all or else I can't start it this weekend.

Well it's been a long day - rough too for my stomach, so I'm in need of some rest! I'm sure I'll have a long blog on monday though!

Sunday, April 25, 2004

A lot sure has changed...

I can't believe I didn't blog on saturday - so many things were (and are) going good. I finished my take home exam saturday - and then got an email from my financial accounting teacher that I didn't have to take the final in that class because my grade was so high. That means I am officially done with my BA degree tomorrow when I hand in my exam - then I have to TA CS1 one more time and who-la - completed. I also get my final math grade tomorrow which I really hope is an A :)

So that was going great, plus yesterday since everything was going so well I tried out some decoupage- I have this craft magazine, not sure which one and there were two wood projects in it i really liked so i had bought all the material needed to make them. Well yesterday I did the little foot stool one which has decoupage hydrangea flowers in a tiled look on top. The stool is also painted - it came out cute, definately my first try at decoupage, so there are a few bumps in the border paper - since it was a connected border and I tried to do that first - didn't go so well. But it will look great with a plant on top -- now i just need a plant :) I'll wait till I get a new apartment. Next on the list is a tray that is crackle painted and then has stenciled tiles decoupaged to the face. I stenciled daisies instead of ferns because the fern stencil was so expensive and I like daisies best :) So I did the stencil part today - this week maybe I'll get to painting the tray and then doing the crackle stuff - also new to me.

Then today I got to cross stitch, I finished up the round robin that is to be mailed tomorrow, and then worked on my WIP -It's Winter (but it's not winter any more so I'd like to finish it up soon) -- all that is left now is the top banner that says winter and is surrounded by blue. I will bring it to school tomorrow too since I have a lot of free time. I do want to start something new this week before going to the Needlework show in Nashua which I'm all signed up for now (well it has to be mailed tomorrow). I am paying 260 dollars to shop friday/sat/sun and take 4 classes, 1 is not really a class more of a social event, and 3 actually classes. I really can't wait = I have no idea what to expect but I'm sure it will be great!

I also found out that my boyfriend's step mom use to cross stitch - and she has 4 bins full of old magazines, books, patterns, fabric etc that she says I'm welcome to look through and take anything I will use. She doesn't stitch anymore (she does quilt - but has been really busy lately) -- and the reason it's coming up now is because she was going through the attic and remembered this stuff. It's really nice of her and I look forward to going through it, we're not close, but it would be nice if we went through it together and maybe had something to "bond" over, I'd love to hear the projects she's done in the past, what things she always hoped to stitch etc. My boyfriend is pretty much getting along with his parents right now so it wouldn't be out of the question - this is because he is finally moving out at the end of the summer - since he is finishing his BA too and going to law school. Not that he doesn't get along with them otherwise but I think this has helped, atleast with his step mom - his dad doesn't care either way, they always have a great bond.

Well enough of that - I am in the middle of painting my nails a new shade - some ruby sapphire prism stuff - hopefully it doesn't look like i'm sick or something.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I guess I need to vent a bit...

It's after midnight - I'm still awake - trying to work on my final exam (take home). It's really tough. I got the second problem done and 1/3 of the the third problem done (the easy 1/3). The first problem i can't even figure out how to start it. I'm not too worried about my grade - I've been doing really well and this test is out of 140 so I'm sure if I get atleast an 80 I will get an A in the class. Just the stress of it all -- and it's not due till Monday. I can't work on it tomorrow however- I have to and i mean HAVE to study for my math final which is thursday. I guess now i'm wishing i voted for having the final monday so I could finish the take home first then study all weekend.

I did manage to go running today (and yesterday) - so that's two days now. Then I made myself a nice big milk shake - unfortunately. It was real good though and probably the most calorie intake of the day (besides my steak for dinner). The other bad news is the website is down - not that I have time just now to work on it but that's really bad since I just got it switched over to this new server last week and it's already down - i can't even log into the database. Making me really mad! Something needs to be figured out why the database keeps going bad no matter which server it's on.

So after Monday I will be care free with only one final the following week (financial accounting - no biggie) -- giving me a week to catch up on the 9 chapters of reading (basically no reading since the last test) -- and do the homework problems. Luckily I also have a great grade in that class so i'm not too worried at all.

Celebration of Needlework NH is coming up in a week and a half! I can't wait - it will be the perfect rest before my final exam :) Seriously though I've never been to anything like it and I can't wait. Maybe tomorrow I'll print out the form and fill out the classes I want to take and send it in - that way i can't back out since it will cost me around 200-250. Luckily I don't need a hotel room too!
Well - back to my books, gotta see if i can get the first problem started atleast a little bit - not hoping too much though - then it's off to bed to worry :(

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

A good day ..

Now atleast :) Today was pretty stressful for a bit but now I got things working and I'm feeling good.

The website just got moved to a new server (well I moved it anyway) -- and I think I finally got it all working now so it's working atleast to the point it was on the old server, now it's just the test to see if the database gets corrupted or not.

I have a little over a week to finish the round robin i'm working on. I am on the second cat now - it's the april one so it has a basket of easter eggs, kinda fun to stitch. I'll get some pics on the site soon.

Other than that I have homework to do tonight - everything that's due tomorrow is done but I have stuff due monday i want to get a good start on. If i can do that tonight - and then sleep in tomorrow (morning class is cancelled) -- then i am busy friday. Friday my mom is taking me to the mall to buy me clothes for my birthday. I have some money too so I can probably buy some other stuff too.. plus we're going to a quilt shop so I can buy some threads. Which reminds me i have to make a list of the threads I do have.

So i'm off to get stuff done!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

A productive 2 days...

So I have Tues and Wed off during the week - so I sleep in :) Yesterday I worked on the website a bit, hung out with my boyfriend and played computer games a lot. Then I was up late getting my math homework done, the key there being that it's done :) Then started my computer homework that's due next week.

Today I got up relatively early since I didn't get to sleep till 2 am. I worked on the website more, then quilted a bit and cross stitched and i'm back to the website. I'm actually going to get a start on my accounting homework now.

This weekend is looking to be fun, friday it's out to my uncle's again to see the family, then saturday relax with them mostly, saturday night the rest of the family will come by for dinner, then sunday we go to my other uncle's for dinner and then home. Then monday is my boyfriend's birthday, hopefully that means going to dinner, I only have 2 classes that day compared to the regular 4 and at 2 hours a class that's a real change, and nice day. Tuesday and wed off again too :) Plenty of time to get work done on the website.. and next saturday is my birthday! 22!
Well time to get some more work done.. so i can get to bed pretty early!

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Well it's sunday so I made it on time. This past week was good I guess-- busy. Thursday night was horrible, after a long day of classes (and horrible rain) I drove out to Boston , Burlington to be exact - and the drive was the worst, I couldn't see anything, thank goodness I ran into no flooding problems though, just visibility was a problem. Then I couldn't find the hotel in Burlington for a while (I drove around for 40 minutes and finally got there at 11). Needless to say I was exhausted and went right to bed. The interview Friday went well, they seem very positive about sending me a job offer and I look forward to hearing from them. Then I went to my Aunt and Uncle's house and we had a good night, went out to eat, watched a movie. Saturday we chatted and had breakfast, around 1 I went to my other Aunt and Uncle's house and visited with them for a quick few hours -- chatting and playing with the kids, holding the baby -- these were a very happy fulfilling two days of family time :) Then I headed home to go to dinner with my boyfriend (around 9pm).

So I have this homework assignment due tomorrow and it's literally taking 3 hours to run just to see if i even programmed it right - my internet connection won't even stay online for 3 hours so I'm thinking this will be a problem. It's up to 10 of 90 iterations and each one takes quite a few minutes already. At the same time the website I'm working on is locked up again - pain in the arse. The database keeps getting messed up and I think it's the server's fault or something. I don't even know what to do at this point. I think mySQL needs to be updated but since I can't find the reason for the problem there's nothing to do right now to fix it. So I can't work on the site even while I wait for this to run. The worst part is that after it runs it needs to then run again! and if there's a problem with the code it needs to run again a few times! At the very least I can run my approximation and hand that in. The last part of the homework hasn't even been started because I don't have this part done yet! I hope I can maintain an A in this class.

Well this week I have a homework assignment to get done that finally has no programming - I have work on the website to do and probably get a bunch of cross stitch/quilting fun stuff done :) So I'm off to find some way to start the next part while this is still running!