Wednesday, May 26, 2004

And we have an apartment :)

I held off on blogging until I knew for sure, but I found out a little while ago, we got an apartment.

Friday we drove out to Watertown and were quite disappointed with the places we looked at. Then we stayed at my uncles and drove down Saturday to look at places in Waltham - much nicer! The first place was a type of complex and it was nice, all new stuff very easy, small but nice - so we decided it was a definate unless we found something perfect. The next few places were more spacious but older not nice. Then we went to this apartment, it's in a 4 family building, only a 1 bedroom but it has a diningroom and when we walked in we loved it. It is pretty spacious, really kept up nice. It's actually the owners of the building's apartment and they are buying a house and moving so they are now renting out their apartment. For 1350 we took it (of course that doesn't include any utilities). Plus I can't take my rabbit, there's no room for him but I will take him to the local humane society they only have 2 rabbits there now and one is kind of like him, maybe he'll get to be comfortable around other rabbits. I really will miss him, i just spent a half hour with him and he's so friendly, he will hate a caged life, i hope he gets a good owner with room for him.

So we took the apartment, pending checks on our credit and employment and went back to my uncle's. We then went to a furniture store and picked out all the furniture we like, bedroom set 1500, livingroom 1500 diningroom table 600, all not too bad. Of course we didn't buy anything yet but we will later on once we are in the place. I really can't wait to move. I've already started packing stuff up in boxes and going through my closets, throwing things out. My clothes I went through a while ago and did the salvation army thing so they should be all set. I do have to worry about getting some work clothes but I can use a credit card the week before work and be able to pay it off a month later.

I've been working a lot to save up, we should be able to cover all the bills, if my boyfriend helps out (he wants to) we should have no problem even with furniture, just get that on credit until I get a few paychecks and can pay it off (store credit not credit cards).

So this saturday is our pig roast/graduation parties. Friday I have to clean the entire house top to bottom and before that I have to help get the yard cleaned up. Other than that I'm free to work and cross stitch. If i get 2 more hours of work in today then I will feel free to cross stitch to relax and garden when my mom's home to help.

My new bookcase is all finished and set up. I filled it right up, now I just need to find room for all the stuff that was piled in front of my old bookcase that doesn't fit on the new one either (although the new one does fit a lot more stuff than the old).

Well enough babbling--i have some emails to write!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

3 weeks left...

Well graduation weekend was fun - exhausting but fun. Friday night we stayed up playing battlefield 1942 until 5am! Then I got up at 6am in order to be to graduation by 8. That was not fun. We all made it though and sat through the 4 hour ceremony in the direct sun, sweating to death (we all got funny sun burns too). Then right as it ended it started pouring out, so we got soaked and the information booklets were red and leaked red ink all over everyone's good clothes. Luckily for me i was wearing a red dress.

After that long long day - we headed home and relaxed for a bit, i was afraid to sleep thinking i wouldn't get up for dinner, then we went to dinner at the Dakota which was good. My grandparents got me the complete mat cutting system for framing and some other things, i was psyched but haven't had a chance to try it out yet (just played with everything ) :)

The rest of the week was pretty blah, i did almost nothing, a little work, got my bookcase almost done, one coat of poly left and then it's done. Today I worked at the dept of ed and just did some updates on the website. Tomorrow though starts a busy weekend. 7pm we have an appointment in Boston to look at an apartment, then saturday i have 3 appointments set up to look at more. The rest of the time we'll be hanging out at my uncle's. Sunday we are going to stop at my sister's new apartment and see that. Then next week hopefully I can start packing. If i don't like these places I will up my amount a month and look at more places that are 1400/month next week. So far they are a little under and one or two for 1200, all in Waltham and a big selling point is parking for two cars because that can cost 100/month which might as well raise the rent anyway :) Really I am psyched, just to look and maybe i'll find the perfect place saturday. In the mean time tonight and tomorrow are busy - gotta change the oil, get work done, finish the last coat on the bookcase, varnish some of the wood crafts I did and stitch some more on the Noah's arc piece.

As far as stitching - I started the Noah's arc piece on my hand dyed blue fabric, 28 ct over 1 thread, it's going to be small but I have a great plan for it. I will cut a doulbe opening mat and put this piece in one opening and a picture of the baby in the other - i just need to get a picture too, this way i get to you my new mat cutter and pic out one of the many mats they also got me!

Well - time is money and i must earn it so off i go!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Time is flying by!

Graduation is saturday, i can't believe it, my life is almost over. So pretty much I do nothing all day :) seriously though today was a nothing day... most days i've been working on the website for about 3 hours of the day but yesterday and today i've been in a lull, i'm meeting with the owner tomorrow to discuss what's next to be worked and stuff.

I'm almost done with my round robin piece still - i did stitch about one thread length today but that's it. I've been reading a new book and it's kinda got me hooked, from now on i am going to try to read only one chapter a day - just before bed, i love reading but there are so many other things to do during the day. I haven't started the noah's arc piece yet i want to finish the heart first.

Today I weeded the garden a bit more (it's slowly getting there but it's a mess of a garden then it's on to all the other gardens).. not tomorrow but maybe friday after i clean the house i'll work more on it or wait till next week. i haven't started staining my bookcase yet either, waiting on the stain from my dad. he said he has the perfect one and he doesn't want me to buy some even though it's only like 8 dollars. so i'm waiting.

I also moved my computer from the desk to over by the chair in my livingroom so now it's much more comfortable to use that computer ( i usually just use my lap top) besides that i layed out in the sun and read a bit and pretty much that was it besides playing computer games with my boyfriend. Killed the whole day away. Tomorrow however I have to go to albany to work at lunch time, then i get to go to joann's and kill some time until 5 when i'm meeting the website owner to discuss the site. Friday will hopefully be a clean the house day and maybe stain the bookcase. Saturday graduation and games and dinner, sunday who knows. Then back to nothing - although next week i need to go look at some apartments already! I only have 4 weeks before i start work which means only 3 weeks till i have to move if i'm going to have an apartment before i start my job!! Friday i will call hopefully and make some appointments to go out next week with my boyfriend. Yikes!

When it happens it all happens so fast!

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Wow they changed the blogger...

A new look completely, how strange! I was just thinking that I spend the time writing here, mostly just to get things off my chest, and I have no idea if anyone is even reading this, there are a few blogs I read a lot and they have no idea I read theirs... what a strange setup.

Anyhow... Another weekend gone by, the time to start work moves closer still. Next weekend is my graduation ceremony two weeks after is the party then two weeks after that i leave.

In the cross stitch world :: I finished stitching the little bag called Measuring Up, it holds a small measuring tape and I love it, it was so much fun to stitch and put together. Other than that I've been working a bit on the round robin I have right now and I just finished dyeing fabric for the baby piece I'm doing next, it's a Noah's Arc piece for my friend's sister's baby. I dyed the fabric blue but it got brown stains on it so I tried bleaching it and redying it, it came out good but then I wrapped it in the towel that had bleach on it still so then I had to redye it again, finally it is done and it looks really nice. I may be able to start stitching tomorrow.

Other than that I've been working on a bunch of other projects, just finished some rub on transfers onto some glass jars for the kitchen(herb theme) and I bought a book full of garden inspired crafts, three of which i really want to do so I need to go to Joann's again soon - probably thursday.

Besides that I've been working on the website and I read a new book yesterday "Daughter of Ireland" it was really good and I couldn't put it down. --- 10pm -- time to spend some time with my cross stitch :)

Friday, May 07, 2004

Stitching away...

I literally just finished the stitching of the little measuring tape pouch from last weekend. It needs to be put together but that needs an iron and I don't have one that I can adjust the setting on so I'll have to go next door tomorrow to use my mom's. It's cute though and I can't wait to see it finished.

As for my other little projects they will be on hold temporarily, my friend's sister is about to have a baby and I agreed to stitch a sampler for the baby, a noah's arc piece i found in a magazine I have... actually I didn't find it but a friend online found it and I happened to have the same magazine. I'm going to pick up the fabric for it tomorrow at ACMoore and start it this weekend, i'm hoping it won't take too long so I can get back to working on my smaller pieces and maybe start the large piece for my boyfriend.

A big surprise the other day, my dad stopped by and dropped off my birthday/graduation present, he built me the bookcase I drew for him. It was a shock, i wasn't sure he'd actually make it, but now I have it and it just needs to be stained. My dad's going to bring home some stain and poly for me so i can finish it this weekend, i just have to buy a brush.

Well it's a late night and I have a semi-early morning, plus I need to turn the lights off because the bugs are out and driving me nuts!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

One word - Celebrations!!

Literally the best weekend I've had in a long time, now I must describe in detail :)

Friday, got up early and packed and headed out at 9am to NH. Arrived by noon (hungry but couldn't think about food)... so I signed up for classes and payed to shop for the day, filled out some raffle tickets etc. Shopping: I walked into the room and I was overwhelmed, I didn't know where to start, I did a walk around gazing at things I've never seen before, so many nice threads, frames, fabrics and finished pieces on the walls! I noticed a few prices (yikes) and walked on. Finally I started my second trip around, this time I examined the pieces on the wall, determined to buy one pattern that I liked -- I ended up buying 3 :) The first pattern I found I really wanted uses a lot of WDW threads so I bought a few of the ones it calls for, i'll have to buy the rest later since I couldn't afford too many, i think i spent 10 dollars on just those threads. Then I went to Needle Pulling Thread, I found like 8 finished pieces I liked but I narrowed it down to two, one comes with beads, it has some companion pieces I really wanted but I couldn't afford. So I got out of there spending less than 40 dollars! Phew!

So I head to my uncle's house, starving now, and I get lost in Nashua, finally figure out where I am (close to BAE Systems where I interviewed months ago) and find my way to rt 111. On the way I stop to eat quick, it's an hour drive taking the back way but it's only about 25 miles. I arrive earlier than I"m expected but my cousins don't mind, they have a play date so I kind of babysit them while the moms go inside with the babies quick. 4 hours later the play date leaves and my uncle gets home, the kids wind down and go to bed and we just relax.

Saturday, I'm up early to play with the kids, then leave around 10 to go to my other cousin's soccer game, get sun burned :) But she does good and they win! By 2 I'm back at the hotel, ready for my first class:

I come in, she passes out the kit, i start to look at it, I don't recognize a single stitch, i start to get nervous, maybe i'm in over my head! Luckily she was a great teacher, took her time going over the stitches so I felt very comfortable, we didn't get anywhere near finishing but she described everything we needed to know to finish and I loved the class. During the break I went to get some food and I ran into my boyfriend's step mother! I couldn't believe it! THey were on their way to Maine for lobster, she noticed all the cross stitchers and realized this was the weekend I was talking about and she had started looking for me. What a shock! Out in Nashua!
So at 6 i waited to meet some fellow stitchers, but at 5 after I was worried I had missed them and I was freezing in the AC, so I went to stitch right outside on the patio. That was great, it was gorgeous out! Then at 7 it was time for the event, ice cream, bingo where we win goodies (I won some more WDW, an ornament kit and a fourth of july pattern), then we got our project which is real cute and I can't wait to make it! I left early though so i'm sure I missed some important directions but it was a long drive. The drive went better the second time at least!

Sunday - up at 6! Got ready, even hung out with one of the girls for a bit but left at 7, class at 8 - another fun class, this one we never started the project in just practiced all the stitches and I bought another little kit from the teacher (up to 50 dollars spending). Break time at 11 I went outside to stitch again and I started that project, got two whole lines done. Then it was time for the RR where I got 4 new projects to start, I started the first one, a scissor fob. Then I headed home - long drive! When I got home I made my boyfriend look at everything as I explained how great a time I had, then I finished up the scissor fob so I'd have one thing finished!
That was the weekend!!
Since then I've finished the box top which is the first part of the first class I took. It had some drawn thread and some bullion knots, that was the only two hard parts but it's finished and I love it. Today I just started the RR piece from that same teacher, it's a little bag that holds a tiny measuring tape, it uses Caron Waterlilies Nefertiti - which I LOVE, and i'm not sure I'll have enough so o darn i'll have to buy some!!! I really do love this thread. I just put it down though because today I need to focus on the website and make some serious progress! It's a must.. so I have a few hours now that I will work and when I make progress I get a break to stitch quick! And I'll leave it at that because this was a long entry!