Thursday, April 30, 2009

Celebrations this weekend!

Due to the new house I did not sign up for any classes this year but I plan to go and shop on Saturday for sure! I can't wait!

My sister's wedding last weekend was great, we had a wonderful time and took the scenic drive through VT home Sunday. This week has been a mixture of work and car appts (new tires and such before my inspection). I really can't wait for the weekend, get some stuff done around the house, get some outdoor work done on Sunday - should be fun!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Only a few more days until my sister's wedding!

As I had planned, I managed to hem the last bridesmaid dress last night. It went very quickly as it was an easy hem. I also restrung the pearls for both my mom's bracelet and a pearl necklace I wore at my wedding reception. I hope to re-knot the bracelet tonight and the necklace soon.

Also tonight I got a new task added, I need to adjust the underskirt from my wedding dress to fit my sister so she can wear it under hers. My dress was an empire style and hers has a waist so I need to take out the zipper and adjust it so the underskirt only comes to the waste, then add elastic or ribbon to secure it on her. It shouldn't be too difficult and it's my last "wedding" project!

Then it's one more day of work (tomorrow), some grocery shopping and then the drive "home" to start the wedding pampering! Nails Friday, Hair and wedding Saturday - I can't wait!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A wonderful long weekend!

And a great birthday! I took Thursday and Friday off last week to work around the house. We now have 3 rooms demo'd. The bathroom needed a new subfloor due to rot, so that's down and we started reframing the bathroom since it was lacking some studs...

Friday afternoon we spent outside starting a small garden for my new birthday rose bushes. We'll see if i can get them to grow :) Of course all the while we were doing all this I was fighting a nasty cold :(

Saturday I slept in and relaxed most of the day which was great because i think it helped me get over the cold finally. Sunday I spent the day cleaning (fighting dust from the demo still) and then sewing. I finished the flower girl dress and my sister's jewelry for the wedding. I also adjusted the straps on my dress for the wedding.

Tonight I'll pick up the last bridesmaid dress to be hemmed, hem it tomorrow probably, and i have a bracelet for my mom I want to restring (pearls) for her in case she wants to wear it. Everything else is all ready for the wedding I think!

No house work will get done most likely until after the wedding - so maybe next week we'll finish the framing and supports we're adding.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Well the month is moving along quickly - Easter is coming this weekend!

We are having all the family up for Easter weekend, going to my Uncle's house for Easter dinner (saturday night actually), but everyone is sleeping at our house to celebrate my husbands' and my birthdays which are next week.

I'm excited to have everyone up, I wish I had more done around the house but time is moving too quickly. We have yet to finish cleaning up the yard, got some good work done on it Sunday but I spent so much time picking up broken glass that I haven't finished raking!

And all the time I spend cleaning for guests means I don't get anything else done around the house. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow I can get some work done though!

Ack and the wedding is fast approaching - luckily I have next weekend off so I'll finish up my sewing that weekend for sure. Plus I'm taking a few vacation days next week to work on the house. I can't wait for the break!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Well this month we will definitely be working on the house so those goals are mixed in :) Plus my sister's wedding is at the end of the month so all sewing for that must be completed!

April Goals
1) Hem cousin's bridesmaid dress
2) Finish flower girl dress
3) Work on baby sampler for coworker
4) Complete demolition in tv room and bathroom downstairs
5) Build trusses and complete framing for blue room
6) Complete wiring of blue room for inspection

March Goals Wrapup...
1) Hem bridesmaid dress [done]
2) Hem other bridesmaid's dress [done]
3) Finish flower girl dress [not yet]

Well I also strung a pearl necklace for my sister and started the baby sampler for a coworker so March was very productive all in all!