Wednesday, June 30, 2004

back to no work...

Well at least 2 days this week went by fast. Since I finished my project yesterday (even a day earlier than i had planned). I'm back to having no work. I can probably sit in the lab most of today and try to help debug but tomorrow no one will be in the lab either. Luckily tonight I am going to my uncle's for dinner and staying over night so my drive in tomorrow will be shorter and by the time i'm back to my apartment i'll only have one more day of work until my 3 day weekend starts.

I did go grocery shopping last night, then vacuumed the apartment really well which makes thursday's cleaning easy, i'll just have to clean the bathroom and the kitchen and do a quick vacuum, maybe do a better job in the livingroom since I didn't move around anything in there to vacuum. Then I spent 2 hours stitching and watching tv. I now have a tuesday night run of shows to watch since after summerland sex in the city is on on tbs for an hour. Granted they are episodes i've seen already right now but eventually it'll get to the season i haven't seen, either the 4th or 5th.

I did make it to the gym yesterday, of course I'm sore today, i think i'll do legs and shoulders today, maybe i'll get up the nerve to do a quick swim, or else i'll just shower again like i did yesterday. This time i brought my sandles to shower in. That leaves back and biceps tomorrow and nothing really for friday which is fine because i think fridays i'd rather get home quicker, so i'll work out mon-thur and maybe on the weekends my boyfriend and i will go running one day, he started running yesterday with a friend, so he plans on two days a week at least.

All right, i'm off to the message board, do a quick check in and see what the ladies are up to today...

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

working, working, working,

yesterday really did fly by, it was great. But first the weekend...

The drive home friday was horrible, all traffic, but i made it to my bank and then to have dinner with my boyfriend before my brother's graduation ceremony. Afterwards we all hung out at my parent's house for a bit. Saturday my boyfriend and i went shopping and then my parent's had a bbq, we ate, ate and played poker, finally we left around midnight. Sunday we relaxed, i left around 5:30 and packed up the last few things from my house before getting on the road a little after 6. Traffic again was bad though and i didn't get home until 9.

So yesterday I worked, went well, had stuff to do most of the day and it went by fast, then last night when I got home I put together the two stackable pieces of furniture I had bought (a drawer set and a small shelf set). Then I finally did my unpacking/organizing. The livingroom is down to having the computer, printer, fan and a box of computer stuff that needs a desk to be put into. My closet could use more organizing things but it's neat and all my stitching stuff is put away. I could get some more stackables, i'll have to figure out what would fit in there best and be useful. We also need to start looking for a nice desk for the bedroom that we can put the computer on or atleast just put our "stuff" in.

Then I got an hour of stitching in, I can honestly say that I am halfway done with the RR that is supposed to be mailed out this saturday I think, maybe it's supposed to be mailed July 1st? Hmm.. that's not going to happen :) Tonight though I have a lot of time to stitch so hopefully I can get a lot done, i think i'll vacuum when i get home, get that done so that cleaning thursday is not so bad at all, a quick vacuum, dust and wipe down of everything.

Well the work continues and I have much to do :)

Thursday, June 24, 2004

2 more days of work...

Then I get to go home and see my boyfriend :) Seriously though yesterday went well, worked in the lab a bit so that helped pass the time. Then after work I went and hung out with my Aunt until 9 when I headed home and basically just went to bed. Next week if I go to dinner again I'll stay over night since they live closer to work than I do, plus I want to bring a desert with me next time.

Today after work I will go to Target, maybe walmart too but I could probably save that until this weekend. Then to CVS to see if I can get my prescriptions filled and then home to do everything on my list. I'm hoping to get some organizing stuff for my closet at target, and maybe something for the bathroom so I'll be able to unpack more stuff. And I have to pack for the weekend since I'm leaving straight from work friday.

So no stitching last night, just relaxed, went for a 2 mile walk with my aunt and cousin, then had dinner and just chatted for a bit. For some reason my congestion is getting worse and today is rough for me. I don't have cold symptoms though so I'm chalking it up to allergies still. Guess I could go make breakfast now..

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Doing good so far...

Today is the half way point of the week, hopefully the day won't drag on like yesterday started too. Luckily yesterday afternoon I went to the lab and 3 hours passed by quickly, it was great, plus I learned a lot, more hands on stuff. Today it's back to reading documentation.

Last night was great, I got home, started with the blinds in the bedroom, got them all washed, then cleaned the windows, i couldn't reach the outside top parts but got the bottoms done at least. Then I had dinner, put the blinds back on, talked to my sister, my boyfriend and my mom (my phone was ringing off the hook last night). Finally by 8 I was ready to settle down and cross stitch, i did this off and on until 11 with the tv on. I made good progress on the Round Robin, finished just past the 1 (it's set up like a clock). SO that leaves the top right corner and the right side border left to do.

Tonight I'm going to my Aunt and Uncle's for dinner again, I'm looking forward to it, we're going to go for a walk beforehand. I'll probably get there around 5:30 and hopefully I'm home by 10. I'm taping the moving Love&Basketball that's on tonight, some night next week when nothing is on tv I can pop it in and watch it.

Tomorrow i have a long list of things to do, I need to pack completely for the weekend (which includes a lot of laundry) since I'm going home straight from work friday. I also will have to take out all the garbage - all the furniture packing stuff, that will take a while and I also want to plant my new plants in pots if i have time, just didn't get to it last night. It's something I have to do first when I get home because i get dirty doing it so if i wait i'll talk myself out of it, last night instead i did the blinds.

So that's my update, probably would be more interesting if it wasn't a daily update, we'll see how it goes once work gets to be available and i'm busier.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Another dawn another day...

Well I was pretty productive last night, i got home and I got a lot of mail (some bills, my insurance card, my cable modem). So i hooked up my cable modem, it works great, then I cleaned the 2 blinds in the diningroom and the outside of the kitchen windows. With that done I made dinner and settled in to relax (around 8). By 9 I wasn't feeling too well so I put away my stitching and watched my show and went to bed. Luckily today I'm just congested, no other symptoms like last week, but the congestion is pretty bad (allergies maybe).

So I got about a half hour of stitching done, depending on my plans tonight hopefully I can make more progress, maybe get to the top corner or something. I'm not looking forward to the carrots in the corner but that will be my half way point.

Well I'll keep this short since the most I could do is babble... instead I'll find work.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Week 2...

Well that was a good weekend, I must say. Friday night we went to Kohl's and dinner. Saturday we went to my uncle's, helped him paint then went and got our furniture and set that up. Then back to my uncles to play with the kids and then play computer games for most of the night. Sunday we sorta slept in and went home early. My boyfriend vacuumed the apartment after we picked up all the boxes from the furniture and I unpacked some clothes into the new dresser. He headed home pretty early and I started cleaning the windows/blinds in the kitchen. 2 down 9 to go now. I can only hang 2 to dry at a time so hopefully I can get 2 done a night, maybe 3 if it's the smaller ones and maybe have them all done this week.

Then I got 3 quality hours of stitching after grocery shopping and dinner. I am now over a quarter of the way done with the RR piece I'm working on. Hopefully I can get 2 hours a night in the next few nights, if I'm home by 6, clean until 8 (mix in dinner), that leaves 9-11 to stitch. I really don't have much else to do until I get the internet hooked up later this week an I can start working on the website. That will be good though because I can start making some more money which we need ;)

Finances are good I think, I get a check on Friday, it will cover everything, the only tough this is that the rest of my paychecks will not be nearly as large :) Since I get a bonus in this one. I shouldn't have any more large purchases though, I just need to save up for rent until I get a car that's my only large monthly payment. Once I get my paycheck I will know how much money I will get exactly anyway, until then I have no idea what taxes will take out.

Well, off to look up some stuff, then back to the code.

Friday, June 18, 2004

And I'm cured...

The battle with the unknown cold is over, i feel better now and am back to normal. Last night my boyfriend showed up so we cooked dinner and relaxed, but before hand I was able to get a little unpacking done and some of the glass cabinets are filled in now. The garbage went out so the porch looks a lot better :)

We also did laundry, too late did we realize it was past the posted hours (oh I miss having my own washing machine) plus it costs 3.50 for a load of laundry! And these are half the size I could do in my home one! I may be looking into the laundramat on Moody to see if there's parking nearby, and maybe wednesday nights or something I'll go there with a good book or something. This is a bit ridiculous.

The cable came today, that's why my boyfriend came early, they didn't have a cable modem with them to test the internet so I'm not sure what they did, they said i'd have to call and make another appointment - unfortunately there isn't another time i'll be home for 2 weeks (possibly 3 due to july 4th weekend) since i'm going home next weekend. Our modem is coming Monday or Tuesday since I bought one, wish I had ordered it earlier now.

Work is going good, i'm on to looking at code, i'm just not sure what code to look at so the rest of today may go kinda slow (still have lunch though). I'll be leaving before 5 today so I will be home by 5:30 for sure and maybe we can go out shopping tonight then hit the grocery store again so I can really stock up on stuff. I checked out Kohl's online and they seem to have pretty much everything I need still for the house, speaking of which I should make a list, then we need to take measurements for the remaining furniture so i can keep that with me.

Well - time to stretch the legs then dig into this code for a bit...

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Feeling much better..

I'm not fully recovered yet but I'm feeling 90% better now. My headache is gone and my throat is only a tiny bit sore, I can atleast eat and drink again. I was hoping to get a lot done last night when I got home, unfortunately by 7 I was ready for bed but it looks like the sleep did me good.

I did manage to plant my new plants on the porch planters so that looks nice and I unpacked one box that had candle holders. Tonight I can find the candles and put them in :) The garbage goes out tonight so getting more unpacking would be good so we can get the garbage taken out, unfortunately most of the garbage is from the new furniture and we're getting more of that on Saturday so we'll have to deal with that for another week.

Today at work is going much better, partly because I'm feeling better and partly because it's meetings and I'm not just strictly reading. It looks like I did take a lot of what I read in though because I knew most of what they talked about during the presentation. The next presentation I shouldn't know anything about though, I think that's soon, it's after lunch anyway, not sure how long they planned for lunch. I think I'll head over and see what's going on...

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Still sick..

Although today it is mostly a sore throat, the headache is not as bad, but i'm not sure if it's because I got sleep or because my medicine from last night is still working. I woke up at 1:30 in a lot of pain so i took tylenol night cold to help with the headache and fever i had.

I am so tired, and I got a lot of sleep, i woke up at 11:15 last night and was wide awake, this was after only 2 hours of sleep, but this morning was harder to get up. 2 more mornings of getting up early then i can sleep in for two whole days!! Wow this whole work thing is going to take some getting used to.

I have a lot to do tonight, i have to get some stuff unpacked and organized and I really should work on Alli's RR which is just making slow progress which I feel so bad about. If i wasn't sick I'd have had a few hours these past few nights each to work on it.

Well that's my update - wish i had a hole to crawl into and fall asleep :(

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

It's been a long while...

I think maybe I was avoiding the computer the last few weeks. Anyway, now I'm back, I am working full time at my new job and living in Boston. We moved in last weekend and Sunday went furniture shopping, we brought home our new diningroom set and ordered a bedroom set to be picked up next weekend. Then I started work yesterday.

Last night I got a really bad headache and it got worse and worse all night, including neck pains and a sore throat. I just felt horrible. Today is not much better but I'm taking tylenol cold which makes me feel drugged but more aware atleast. 2 hours of work to go, it's just tough because it's hard to concentrate when I'm so uncomfortable. Tonight I'm going to my uncle's house for dinner and to tell them all about the new apartment/job. Then tomorrow I have to do some unpacking since thursday my boyfriend is coming for the weekend and right now the place looks the same as it did when he left yesterday, but I was sick last night so only some food organization got done after I went grocery shopping.

As far as stitching goes, I'm trying, I'm working on the International Round Robin piece, it's a Peter Rabbit design, for some reason it's taking me a long time to make progress, i'm about 1/6 of the way done. With the move and stuff it's been tough to find time, last night i stitched for 45 minutes but then just had to go to bed because I felt so bad. Who knows what's going on this weekend but hopefully i'll have some relaxing time.

It's amazing, so much has been going on lately but i have nothing much to say, probably because I'm not feeling well, symptom wise i could have strep or something but i'm hoping it's just stress related, a migraine or something that will be gone by tomorrow morning, migraines can cause sore throats right?? :) I'm also freezing in here, tomorrow i'm going to bring my sweater and leave it here so i always have something warm to wear, outside it's in the 80's and muggy.

Well that's all I guess, I need a new book to read too, or a new spec, i'm running out of reading material to get to know the stuff around here. Hopefully I get some actual real work soon.